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Strategic Priorities

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Our Strategic Priorities

  1. Improving Student Belonging
  2. Rethinking Traditional Curriculum
  3. The Middle School Experience
  4. Talent Management & Professional Capacity
  5. Modernized Systems, Revenue Generation & Logistics

These priorities are the culmination of a collaborative strategic planning process to ensure that we are reflecting the values and aspirations of our entire community while providing outstanding learning opportunities for our students.  The end result is an ambitious 5-year Strategic Plan that explores, but not necessarily implements, target areas for growth and improvement while providing a unified framework for moving the District forward. 

For more information, please access the slides and video from Jonathan Costa’s presentation to the Board of Education on June 7, 2023.

Strategic Priorities List

Infographic of the District's 5 Strategic Priorities: Improving Student Belonging; Rethinking Traditional Curriculum; The Middle School Experience; Talent Management & Professional Capacity; and Modernized Systems, Revenue Generation & Logistics


The Strategic Planning Process

In November 2022, work began on the second iteration of the District’s Strategic Plan, which will guide and influence our work over the next five years. Jonathan Costa, Assistant Executive Director of EdAdvance, met with the District’s Strategic Plan Steering Committee – a representative group of parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and Board of Education members – and set out to provide a more defined and deeper understanding of what our elementary, middle school, high school, and District-level programs should focus on.

The entire school community was invited to contribute their thoughts and beliefs on what the District’s priorities should be through a ThoughtExchange. We received an impressive response with 1,329 individuals contributing 954 comments on the question, “What are the most important improvement priorities the District should focus on over the next five years?” Participants also assigned “stars” to show how important each idea was to them. With 47,440 ratings cast, the planning team was then able to draft a list of 15 areas of focus, which were then compartmentalized into the five Strategic Priorities.

Refined and Focused Strategies by Level

Previous Strategic Planning (2017-2022)

In November 2017, the Board of Education endorsed a long-range planning process for the District that culminated in a 5-year Strategic Plan.

This Strategic Plan identified the community’s vision regarding the critical skills and attributes that all students would need to be successful for life after school. It also focused and aligned the District systems designed to support continuous growth in six strategic priority target areas.

Learn more in the 2017 Strategic Plan.