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Our Schools

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) have the following training and support our schools in the following ways:

  • Specialized Training: SROs undergo specific training on school topics including child & adolescent development, crisis intervention, and social-emotional learning. They also hold certifications in life-saving techniques such as CPR, AED, and Narcan administration.
  • Community Integration & Partnership: SROs serve as resources for students, faculty, and staff.  They patrol school grounds, stay informed about community issues affecting school safety, and collaborate closely with law enforcement and emergency services to develop and implement safety plans. Their visible presence on school campuses also acts as a deterrent.
  • Safety & Security: SROs  are  first responders on our campuses, facilitating access and communicating with  emergency services. They also participate as members of  our building emergency response teams.
SROs are not school disciplinarians. They do not enforce student discipline or conduct police investigations in our schools. All student discipline is handled by the school staff and our administrators. SROs are resources for our students who are responsible for protecting our students and staff.

​​​​​​New Castle Police Department SRO Training & Selection Process