Print Clubs

Morning Announcements Every morning 7:45-8:00

Peer Leaders  Lunch on Day 5 and during Advisory Ms.Ramahlo & Ms. Reilly
Coding Day 1 Ms. Sasso

Share Junior 2:35-3:15 Professional Library Ms. Bisceglia &Ms. Rappaport
Drone Flight School 2:35-3:15 in Room 221 Mr. Stasi
Chamber Ensemble Prior to Performances Ms. Meade
G.O. Student Government Room 105 Mr. Semel
Science Olympiads Room 319 Ms. Soliz

Genius Bar - 2:35-3:20 Ms. Hawkins
Diversity Club  - 2:35-3:20 Mr. Tortorello Allen
Basketball  - Tuesdays 2:35-3:20 In Gym Mr. Lichorat
Breathe in Breathe Out 2:35-3:20 in Lower Commons Ms. De Franca

Art Club Room 223 Ms. Pozzuto
Peer Coaching Upper Commons Ms. Connors
Media Madness 2:35-3:20 in Room 104 Chorus Room Mr. Serafin & Mr. Tortorello-Allen
Jazz Ensemble Room 105 2:35 Mr. Semel
Math Counts 2:35-3:15 room 306 Ms. McMillan
Podcast Club Room 315 Mr. Palmieri
Math Olympiads  5th & 6th grades only 2:30  Room 317 Ms. Stevens
School Beautification & Sustainability Room 217 Ms. Allison

Home Work Organization 2:35-3:20 Dining Commons Mr. Tortorello-Allen