Attendance Office

Absence Policy

It is important to come to school daily and to arrive on time. Your Homeroom / Pod teacher will take attendance at 7:55 AM each day and your classroom teachers will take attendance at the beginning of every period. If you will be absent, your adult family member must notify Mrs. Waller in the attendance office before 8:00 AM by calling 238-7203 ext. 4118. Parents can also email Mrs. Waller at to report an absence or an anticipated absence.

Arriving Late
Please work hard to be on time to school. If you arrive late to school (after 8:00 AM), please report to the Health Office, sign in, and get a pass. You will be expected to have a note from your adult family member stating the reason for your lateness. Chronic lateness will lead to a meeting with student, parent(s), and an administrator.

Leaving Early
You may never leave the school building without permission. If you are leaving school early, you must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian to the Health Office upon entering the building before you report to Homeroom. The note must state the time and the reason for the change. Before you leave school, your parent or guardian must sign you out in the Main Entry Corridor (at the security desk). If you return to school the same day, your parent/guardian must sign you back in before you return to class.

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