Attendance Office

Absence Policy
Parents must notify the attendance office before 8:30 AM the day of the absence. Call the school’s main number 238-7202 x3111 or email Jennifer Leonard at  . When the student returns to school after an absence, he/ she must bring a note to the health office explaining the absence and listing the dates. If an absence is planned in advance, a note to the health office is necessary.

Leaving Early
Students may not leave the school property without permission. If a student needs to leave school between 7:55 AM and 2:30 PM, he/she must bring a note from home stating the time of and reason for departure. This note must be brought to the health office at the beginning of the day. Before the student leaves school, the parent or guardian must sign out the student in the main office. If a student comes back to school the same day, he/she must be signed in at the main office before returning to class.