Geoff Curtis
Geoff Curtis -  Principal

Christine Parrottino - Assistant Principal

Welcome to The Robert E. Bell Middle School. Our school philosophy is based on the premise that middle school programs and practices must be developmentally responsive to the needs of young adolescents. While academic excellence is a priority, there is an equal emphasis on the middle school student's personal and social development. It is our belief that these components are inextricably linked.

To accomplish these objectives, the school is organized into interdisciplinary teams at all grade levels. Each team has common instructional and planning time with each of the core academics - English, social, studies, science, and math - generally located in close proximity of each other. A teacher of special education is also assigned to each team. Teams have extensive curriculum maps that allow them to make interdisciplinary curricular and skills connections for students.

In Bell's Art-Technology-Family and Consumer Science Program, all students receive instruction in various topics such as architectural, graphic, and computer assisted design, robotics, consumer sciences, product development and marketing, leadership, community service, studio and digital art, and nutrition. In all disciplines we strive to promote active comprehension and engagement with text. This work provides students with the skills and the strategies to read and comprehend text across the content areas. Other exploratory programs include  Band, Chorus, Orchestra, General Music, health education, and foreign language (Latin, Spanish, and French).

Bell's enrichment program includes a student government, a leadership club, community service, career and art fairs, performance groups, technology club, environmental education, and yearbook publication. Bell offers intramurals as well as extracurricular athletics that include such sports as cross-country, field hockey, volleyball, track, football, wrestling.

Bell has a very active PTA. In addition to supporting many of Bell’s programs and functions, the PTA sponsors an exciting theater program. Fiddler On The Roof, The Sound of Music, The Music Man, and the Wizard of Oz are examples of some of the plays performed in recent years.

>Finally, Bell Middle School is affiliated with the New York State Middle School Association and we are proud to be included among a cohort of statewide middle schools cited for excellence and best practices in working with young adolescents.