School Counselors

Comprehensive K-12 Counseling Plan

Middle school students are characterized by rapid physical growth, curiosity about their world and an emerging self-identity. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, counselors work as a team member with school staff, parents and the community to create a caring, supportive climate and atmosphere whereby young adolescents can achieve academic success. Middle school counselors enhance the learning process and promote academic achievement. The school counseling program helps students achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, and realize full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the world community.


Middle School Counselors Provide:

School Guidance Curriculum

Academic skills support
Organizational, study and test-taking skills
Education in understanding self and others
Coping strategies
Peer relationships and effective social skills
Communication, problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution
Multicultural/diversity awareness

 Individual Student Planning

Goal-setting/decision- making
Academic planning
Education in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses
Transition planning

Responsive Services

Individual and small group counseling

Individual/family/school crisis intervention
Peer facilitation


Student/Guidance Meetings

Conferences are initiated by either the student or the guidance counselor. A parent or teacher may also request that a student be seen by the counselor. Students, either individually or in small groups, may sign up for a meeting in the Guidance Office. A pass will be sent to the student's homeroom class indicating the time of the appointment.  In addition to need based support, all 5th grade student are assigned a counselor and will meet in groups throughout the year. 


Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Conferences are not automatically scheduled.  To schedule a conference with your child's team, you must contact the Main Office. We recommend calling well in advance to schedule a conference due to the high volume of conference requests at certain times of the year.


Guidance Counselors
Sarin, Emily - 5th/8th Grade

King, Katie - 5th/7th Grade

Sclafani, Jason 5th/6th Grade

School Psychologist
Giannettino, Annemarie Dr.

Social Worker
Bisceglia, Lisa
Social Worker