Student Code Of Conduct

Plain Language Summary
Elementary Schools

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Statement of Philosophy and Purpose

Our community of teachers/learners believes that the primary goal of education is to develop thinking, attitudes, and
skills in our students so they can become intelligent and responsible lifelong learners. In order to help us achieve
this goal, we have developed a student code of conduct to help adults be consistent in setting expectations and
responding to different behaviors and help to make informed decisions, be accountable for their actions, and
understand the consequences of their behavior.

Our code of conduct encourages positive behavior and embraces our core principles. These values include:
community, respect, gratitude, sharing, reflection, friendship, praise, honesty, patience, and courage. Specific
desired behaviors that are clearly defined within this document will be fostered by role modeling, positive
reinforcement and instruction integrated into the various disciplines. Unacceptable behaviors and the consequences
for them are also clearly spelled out.

Please acquaint yourself and your child(ren) with the code of conduct, so school and home can be on the same page.
Working together we can provide a safe and nurturing educational program in the present that prepares each of our
children for their futures as constructive members of society.

Role of Students

  • Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner with consideration of the welfare of others.
  • To know the school rules and obey them and accept responsibility for his/her actions.
  • To help in promoting order and in reporting incidents to the responsible adult.

Role of Parents

  • To promote a climate of respect, dignity and cooperative relationships.
  • To know school rules and help their children know and follow them.
  • To cooperate with the school in jointly resolving any school related problems.

Role of Staff

  • To promote a climate of mutual respect, regardless of race, color, weight, national origin,
  • ethnic group, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender and sex.
  • Seek to develop cooperative relationships with building staff and parents for the educational
  • benefit of students.
  • To report to the principal or his/her designee any student who violates the code of conduct or jeopardizes his or her own safety or the safety of others.

Role of Principal

  • To develop a sound and healthful atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • To collaborate with teachers and parents in supporting students.
  • To be responsible for the dissemination and enforcement of the student code of conduct.
  • To ensure that students are provided with fair, reasonable and consistent discipline.
  • To comply with State and Federal Laws.