Music Classroom

Don Dupont
Vocal and Instrumental Music Teacher

At Roaring Brook School, students develop musical skills and concepts through an eclectic, hands-on approach which incorporates singing, chant and poetry, instrument playing (percussion instruments, xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, recorder) movement, dance and improvisation. Students are active rather than passive participants in the music-making process. Because students learn in many different ways, the general music program at Roaring Brook is rich with materials and approaches so that students can learn in a positive and effective manner.

Students at Roaring Brook receive forty minutes of general music instruction once each six-day rotation. As in any other discipline, music has its own tools, materials, skills and concepts which are developed with increasing understanding over time. In addition, Fourth grade students study a band/orchestra instrument. Small group lessons occur once per six-day cycle. A musical sharing is presented at the end of the school year for parents. Students at each grade level also participate in a musical performance each year on the Roaring Brook stage. These performances are often based on literature and incorporate singing, movement and instrument playing.