Teacher Leadership ~ Roaring Brook Elementary School

Department Chairs and Grade Level Leaders are some of the teacher leadership positions that support curriculum and instruction throughout the District. 

DEPARTMENT CHAIRS work with their building Principals and the Curriculum & Instruction Office to support the implementation, evaluation, and improvement of curriculum. Other responsibilities include coordinating department supply budgets, assisting in the the hiring process for their departments, and facilitating department meetings and professional learning.

Department Chairperson
Pupil Personnel Ming-Faye D’Ambrosio
Scheduled Specials Donald Hiller-DuPont

GRADE LEVEL LEADERS serve as a liaison between their grade level team and the building principal. They meet with the administration, facilitate grade leave meetings and professional learning, and coordinate grade level events and trips. They also help support the implementation of our social-emotional learning curriculum at their grade level. 

Grade Level Leader
Kindergarten Jodi Fenstermacher
1st Grade Traci Everett
2nd Grade Susan Diskin
3rd Grade Melissa Billings
4th Grade Andrea Dorio