Mollie McNealy

Roaring Brook students will spend time throughout the year experimenting and exploring with a wide range of materials, learning about the Elements and Principles of Art and Design, generating original ideas and using the design process to brainstorm, plan, make and reflect.

My role as an art educator is to create a learning environment that addresses the needs of a diverse population and provides students an atmosphere in which creative thinking is encouraged and developed. My goal is to ensure that each student is able to make choices and personal connections as they build skills and content knowledge in Art.

I will also be supporting students and collaborating with teachers in the Makerspace this year. In the Makerspace, learning happens through making, tinkering, art and engineering. Students are challenged to use design thinking as they identify and solve real-world problems. Students will be encouraged to take risks, fail forward, iterate and innovate as they develop a growth mindset. Students will have opportunities to collaborate with others and persevere as they tackle challenges both big and small.

I feel so lucky to be here at Roaring Brook and I am incredibly excited to be working with your children this year!