Driver's Education

Francine Colandrea, Director
238-7201 x2318


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Students must watch 100% of the recording to receive credit for the session. Attendance is mandatory and will be tracked for both live and recorded sessions. At the end of the course, each student must complete all 16 sessions to receive a Certificate of Completion (MV-285).

Excessive absences (more than two) will cause students to forfeit their Certificate of Completion (MV-285) as well as the enrollment fee which is non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

A Certificate of Completion-MV-285 is required to obtain a senior license at 17 years of age and for insurance benefits for select participating insurance companies. Note: The Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the student’s attention after the program has ended. Do not throw this form away and do not leave it with the DMV official who conducts the driving test if you are only 16. It takes several weeks to obtain a replacement document, not to mention that a delay in obtaining a license causes great disappointment. We experience this situation regularly and urge you to watch for the form and guard it carefully.


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