Teacher Leadership ~ Horace Greeley High School

DEPARTMENT CHAIRS and CO-FACILITATORS are some of the teacher leadership positions that support curriculum and instruction throughout the District. They work with their building Principals and the Curriculum & Instruction Office to support the implementation, evaluation, and improvement of curriculum. Other responsibilities include coordinating department supply budgets, assisting in the the hiring process for their departments, and facilitating department meetings and professional learning.

Department Chairperson
English Jacqueline Abair
Social Studies Sheila Jacob
Mathematics Glenn Wong
Science Kevin Kuczma
World Language Isabel Irizarry
Special Education Cara DiNapoli
Counseling Rebecca Mullen
Physical Education/Health Joseph Kearns
Art Kathryn Ottomanelli
Performing Arts Kathleen Feldman
Department Co-Facilitator
English Rebecca Ebstein
Social Studies Regina McKie
Mathematics Tammy Korman
Science Jennifer McCarthy
Special Education Jessica Leitman
Counseling John Brennan