Principal's Page

Welcome to Grafflin School!

In a recent report published by Dell Technologies,  The Next Era of Human and Machine Partnerships, “an estimated 85 percent of jobs in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.”  The report looks at how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and cloud computing  will change every single person’s life over the next decade.

So what does this mean for education?  How do we help to prepare our current Grafflin third grade students, who will be the Greeley graduating class of 2030, for their future?  We ask ourselves...what skills, knowledge and dispositions will they need to be successful?

The Chappaqua Central School District is committed to progressive thinking and innovation.   We will continue to do the thoughtful work that we are engaged in here. Our teachers are learners who collaborate and participate in professional development.  They carefully examine the curriculum and content to reflect timely issues creating digital, global project-based learning opportunities that can also be utilized as a modern assessment .   We have recreated our learning spaces to support student collaboration, communication and creativity and to allow for hands on learning, making and building. In addition, our CSF grants reflect Chappaqua values and support a differentiated model of instruction and design thinking.  So much of what we do here is supported by the generosity of the Chappaqua School Foundation.  A few examples of recent grants include an innovative furniture grant, Breakout EDU, mobile video production equipment, a recording studio, Ipads and software.

Perhaps the most  critical component to our students’ success, will be their ability to  accept people for who they are and be empathetic to those around them.  Our children will be collaborating within a global community. They will be evaluated on their communication skills and willingness and openness to understand and accept unfamiliar cultures and ideas.  As educators it is our responsibility to teach and model kindness and to create experiences where children can learn to communicate comfortably with people who may be from a different background.

THIS is how WE are preparing our students for their future!