Cum Laude Society Inductions

Horace Greeley High School’s official motto is The Lifelong Joy of Learning. Greeley students are inspired and empowered as they consistently engage in learning experiences that nurture critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving. As a result of this hard work during their time at HGHS, many students are recognized for their amazing accomplishments!

At a ceremony on October 24th, 159 Horace Greeley High School seniors were inducted into the Cum Laude Society, which is an academic recognition program for members of the Senior class based on a set GPA as follows:

Cum Laude 3.8 and higher GPA
Magna Cum Laude 3.9 and higher GPA
Summa Cum Laude 4.0 and higher GPA

Cum Laude honors are awarded early in the senior year after the completion of six semesters. Any student with a transcript of all 4.0s is awarded the distinction of Valedictory Honors. Students must be enrolled in Greeley for four or more complete semesters to be eligible for Cum Laude and valedictory honors.

Under the direction of Kathleen Feldman, the Greeley Chamber Orchestra played as honorees and guests took their seats, and Dr. Jacqueline Morelli, English Teacher, delivered this year’s Faculty Address.

Assistant Principal Dr. Ronald Gamma gave opening comments and was followed by Principal Dr. Sandra Sepe, who introduced this year's faculty speaker. "Cum laude is a remarkable accomplishment, a testament to your hard work, dedication, countless hours of learning, and your efforts to invest in your education. It is an achievement that deserves every bit of praise and applause that we are making today," Dr. Sandra Sepe said. "However, I want to remind you that your value as an individual goes far beyond your academic achievements. Your worth is not solely defined by the grades that you've earned, the honors you've achieved, or the expectations society may place upon you. You are a unique and an irreplaceable individual filled with your own dreams, passions, talents, and quirks."

In her address, Dr. Morelli shared, "As an English teacher in a school where I'm most proud to be an educator for the past 21 years, I realized that I stand on the front lines of knowledge dissemination, and the truth is that learning doesn't flow in just one direction." She then shared a few examples of how she has learned each day from her students and colleagues. All of these experiences are stepping stones to experience and knowledge and opportunities for growth. In concluding her remarks, Dr. Morelli suggested to everyone that "We will all be lifelong learners if we approach life with open hearts. Open minds embrace every challenge, triumph, and setback as an opportunity. You'll be more attuned to lessons that this world must present to us as lifelong learners, and we all have the power to learn from each other." (continued below)

*Summa Cum Laude
^Magna Cum Laude
(names in bold are Valedictory Honorees)

Sarah Agdern^ 
Julia Aram* 
Aisha Aslam 
Nikita Basok^ 
Christian Beels* 
Vansh Bhatt^ 
Olivia Bialek^ 
Erin Bingham 
Beckett Bloomgarden 
Ellie Blumstein 
Sydney Boyriven^ 
Alexander Brandoff 
Christina Bray* 
Christopher Butler^ 
Ari Camhi 
Anwen Cao* 
Sofia Carrillo^ 
Kiara Cekic 
Ayaka Chen 
Olivia Chen* 
Ava Choi^ 
Violet Christensen* 
Francesco Ciaramitaro 
Mitchell Cohen^ 
Jack Cornish* 
Hunter Corte^ 
Ian Cressman* 
Nicholas Cressman* 
Megan Crowe* 
Michael Curtin 
Ashley Dang^ 
Sophia Dessi* 
Alexis Deutsch 
Vivian Dorfman 
Lucas Duran* 
Eliza Elbaum* 
Cassidy Engel* 
Meredith Feiner* 
Alexander Fine 
Benjamin Fine 

Seamus Finn 
Cole Fitzgerald^ 
Ava Fleisher^ 
Ella Fowler* 
Tristan Gelinas* 
Tori Gordon 
Tate Grossberg 
Lawrence Gulotta^ 
Alexandra Haberman 
Danielle Halperin* 
Kaitlyn Hare* 
Jemma Hendricks* 
Rena Hollister* 
Jayden Holmes^ 
John Holmquist^ 
Marley Horowitz^ 
Advait Huggahalli^ 
Zayaan Hussain* 
Sophia Ivanov* 
Nathaniel Johnston^ 
Emma Jorgensen^ 
Eli Jubelirer^ 
Thea Kenna 
Salena Kha^ 
Ruhi Khanna* 
Cameron Kidde* 
Daniel Kim* 
Riley Klein^ 
Gabrielle Kogan* 
RamyaShree Kotagiri^ 
Vera Kovalskaya 
Rithi Kumar* 
Jesse LaRosa* 
Michael Lavender^ 
Will Lehrhoff^ 
Emmaline Lim^ 
Joshua Lungen 
Maya Lurie* 
Christian Macchetto* 
Matthew Mancini

William Marinello 
Lexi Marshall* 
Tobias Martin 
Alyssa Mathisson
Keira McCarville 
Christopher McShane* 
Abigail Meakem^ 
Leyla Mehrara^ 
Benjamin Millerman 
Luke Montano* 
Florence Moraes* 
Emilly Moskowitz* 
Asher Moss* 
Jack Munowitz* 
Erik Nadecki* 
Claire Nam* 
Reshmita Nayudu* 
Natasha Neeck* 
Mina Nespoli 
Caroline Neuberger 
Chloe Ng* 
Carter Nocca 
Grace Nocca 
Allison North 
Jonathan Notis
Mia O'Neill 
Kimberly Ortega^ 
Darian Paez^ 
Hanna Palmieri* 
Aidan Panzer 
Sarah Payes 
Carly Penn* 
Haley Penn* 
Benjamin Prober 
Emma Ramirez* 
Caroline Rose* 
Eden Rose* 
Alyssa Rose^ 
Diana Rosu* 
Neel Roy*

Rebecca Sage* 
Elliott Saiontz^ 
Casey Samuels* 
Cass Sandt^ 
Cristina Sangil Cantalapiedra 
Max Schlanger* 
Gavin Schmidt 
Bella Schulman^ 
Ryan Schwartz* 
Jenna Shaiken* 
Leah Shapiro* 
Emma Shar^
Charlotte Shih* 
Joshua Shofaro^ 
Thomas Singer 
Logan Skuro^ 
Reese Solomon
Reagan Sommers^ 
Erin Song* 
John Spar 
Alexa Troob
Luke Turenchalk* 
Mia Vieira 
Madeleine Visser* 
Benjamin Vogensen* 
Filip Vujanic* 
Tatum Walsh 
Carter Walsh^ 
Austin Wang^ 
Julianne Wang^ 
Emma Wasserman 
Cassidy Weddle* 
Rachel Weinberg^ 
Zachary Weissman 
Sienna White^ 
Sophia Wong* 
Cameron Wong^ 
Lionel Yu* 
Victor Zhou*