Cum Laude Society Inductions

Horace Greeley High School’s official motto is The Lifelong Joy of Learning. Greeley students are inspired and empowered as they consistently engage in learning experiences that nurture critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving. As a result of this hard work during their time at HGHS, many students are recognized for their amazing accomplishments!

At a ceremony on October 25th, 166 Horace Greeley High School seniors were inducted into the Cum Laude Society, which is an academic recognition program for members of the Senior class based on a set GPA as follows:

Cum Laude 3.8 and higher GPA
Magna Cum Laude 3.9 and higher GPA
Summa Cum Laude 4.0 and higher GPA

Cum Laude honors are awarded early in the senior year after the completion of six semesters. Any student with a transcript of all 4.0s is awarded the distinction of Valedictory Honors. Students must be enrolled in Greeley for four or more complete semesters to be eligible for Cum Laude and valedictory honors.

Under the direction of Kathleen Feldman, a pre-recording of Verdi’s String Quartet in E minor, 1st movement performed by The Greeley String Quartet played as honorees and guests took their seats, and Patrick McAuliffe, School Psychologist, delivered this year’s Faculty Address.

Dr. McAuliffe shared lessons from the psychology of happiness with those in attendance. “Closer relationships have a powerful impact on longevity,” he said, encouraging students to build positive relationships, make new connections, and persevere through life’s ups and downs. He then referenced the work of Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, reminding students that happiness is a choice, and to “please surround yourself with happy people, and make sure your life is filled with fun.”



*Summa Cum Laude
^Magna Cum Laude
(names in bold are Valedictory Honorees)

Julia Accordino^
Nhat Anh Dang*
Thomas Antes^
Sara Asa*
Phoebe Asch
Kylie Asch*
Amanda Baker
Alexa Ballou^
Mason Barlow*
Abigail Beck*
Noah Behrman*
Jordan Beicke*
Daisy Benardo^
Spencer Beran
Nicole Berg^
Bryce Bernbach*
Krissh Bhargava*
Pia Bolopion
Anne Bomback*
Eli Brail*
Allison Bray*
Eli Brown^
Fiona Brown^
Kelly Byrne
Daphne Cao*
Matthew Carnes
Luke Chang*
William Chang^
Joyce Chen*
Hudson Chung*
Benjamin Cohen
Peter Correia*
Sean Dealy
Clare Dong*
Lea Duesterwald*
Netra Easwaran*

Lila Egan
Elizabeth Fallon^
Patrick Fang*
Lauren Fanter^
Hannah Fetzer^
Alec Flamino^

John Flannery*
Claudia Fonseca Gonzalez*
Alex Friedman*
Murphy Gavin^
Henry Gefsky*
Katherine Ginsburg*
Lucy Glinert^
Devisi Goel*
Jesse Goldfarb
Lyla Goldfarb*
John Gonzalez^
Alexa Googel*
Carly Googel*
Maxwell Gross^
Samantha Gross^
Matthew Guirguis*
Joshua Hametz^
Shea Hanifin^
Zoe Herman*
Eliza Hildenbrand^
Drew Honig
Alexander Hood^
Sophia Huang*
Connor Hufnagel*
Leon Jacobson
Abigail Johns^
Michelle Kasulka*
Robyn Keiles^
Maren Kenna*
Aileen King
Lindsay Kinstlinger*
Jordan Klein*
Aarush Kumar^
Ethan Kuperman*
Jamie Lederman*
Niambh Lee*
Jolie Leibner*
Jordana Lichtenthal^
Jake Lieb
Sara Lippin*
Elvin Lo*
Jillian Ludl^

Jamie Lynch*
Schuyler MacGreevey^
Anna Malendowicz^
Camillo Marucci*
Samuel Mathes
Lauren Mazzarelli*
Bailey McCarthy*
Allison Meringolo^
Annabel Metzger^
Alec Meyrowitz
Justin Michael*
Sydney Mikesell^
James Monica^
Griffin Neufeld
Emily Ni*
David Nikc*
Stephanie Novick*
Anastasia Ocejo*
Anna Olteanu*
Morgan O'Malley*
Lizzy Osinski*
Cassidy Paget*
Avery Paley^
Gabriel Paley*
Hayden Parsons*
Ava Peters*
Annika Pillai*
Vanessa Pliskow^
Justin Potack^
Soraya Rahni*
Siri Reddy*
Jack Rose^
Jack Rosenberg
Erica Rosendorf*
Anthony Ruscigno*
Isaac Saland*
Trisha Saxena*
Tyler Schildkraut^
Drew Schlesinger*
Trey Schlomann*
Robert Schmutz
Dahlia Segal*

Marielle Seigel*
Marissa Senzon
Sarah Serota*
Bertha Shipper*
Owen Sibinga*
Aaron Silver^
Ellie Slive*
Adam Soliman^
Jane Spiro*
Skyler Stambleck^
Daniel Stankiewicz
Julia Sun*
Jeremy Taber
Samuel Tainsky*
Maya Taneja^
Kieran Toner
Ryan Treible^
Riya Trivedi*
Azim Usmanov*
Regina Velasco*
Kevin Villeda DeLeon
Gordon Walsh^
Kayle Watson^
Jason Wei*
Sasha Weinberg
Diego Weiss^
Tessa Wheeler*
Lucy White
Ella Wildstein^
Evan Wohl*
Ryne Wolberg^
Zachary Wolk*
Justin Xiang*

Amy Yang*
Leela Young*
Jordan Zeiger*
Rachel Zhang
Cheryl Zhang*
Leah Zhou*
Maria Zvereva*