Senior Spotlight ~ Luke Chang

Luke Chang
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What are some of your proudest accomplishments during your time at Greeley?
I’m proud of the relationships I've built with my friends and teachers. I’ve been able to grow alongside my peers, some dating back to kindergarten at Westorchard. I’m grateful that I’ve been surrounded by such a supportive community of people and to have made some lifelong friendships. Additionally, I enjoy getting to talk to my teachers, whether it’s after class or seeing a former teacher in the hallway. It’s definitely a community that I’ll be sad to leave.

What are your plans for next year?
Next year, I'm planning on majoring in Environment & Sustainability at Cornell! I hope to focus on the marine side of things, and in particular, aquatic ecosystems. I’ll also be coming back to visit my sisters, Olivia (rising sophomore) and Alexandra (entering 5th grade), and my parents.

Think back to an academic experience that stands out to you. Why was it important or memorable?
One of my favorite memories in high school was actually in ninth grade. I really enjoyed the class ice skating field trip as I got to spend a day with my friends skating (or attempting to). I distinctly remember right before I left the ice, I was skating as fast as I could across the rink with a friend, and it’s a time I definitely won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Although the pizza might not have compared to Pizza Station, at the time, it was rewarding considering how tired I was!

What do you hope to be remembered for by your teachers or peers? 
I hope to be remembered through the moments I shared with my teachers and peers, and hopefully for being a friendly person. I try my best to brighten people’s days, whether it’s saying hi to my friends and teachers in the halls, or having longer conversations in the library or after class.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years, I hope to be working in marine research, possibly studying dolphins (as they’re my favorite animal!) or the restoration of aquatic ecosystems and how to improve their resiliency. I hope that I’ll still be in touch with some of my high school friends, as well as teachers.

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