Senior Spotlight ~ Drew Schlesinger

Drew Schlesinger
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What are some of your proudest accomplishments during your time at Greeley?
I am honored to have been an active member of the Greeley community over the last four years. I am very proud of so many things that I have done during that time ranging from being a peer leader, where I helped 9th graders adjust to Greeley life, to playing varsity baseball. I am also very proud of the money we raised through our Make-A-Wish Club where I am the outgoing president.

What are your plans for next year?
I plan to attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

What’s a challenge that you overcame during your time at Greeley?
Having type 1 diabetes has challenged me both academically and personally. Having to maintain my blood sugar levels while being the best student I could possibly be has been difficult. I always work to put my best foot forward and try to let diabetes affect me as little as possible.

How have Chappaqua's schools impacted you?
Although Chappaqua's schools have impacted me in many ways, the one that sticks out most is how I have learned to interact with many different people including teachers, administrators, coaches, staff, parents, and other students. I found that moving from Roaring Brook to Seven Bridges to HGHS helped me meet new people and forge new relationships that have really shaped me as a person.

What do you hope to be remembered for by your teachers or peers? 
I hope to be remembered by my teachers and peers as a kind, compassionate, hard-working person who always puts 100% effort into anything that I do.

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