Senior Capstone Expo

Horace Greeley High School’s senior class celebrated the culmination of their Capstone experience with the Senior Capstone Expo on June 13th. While most seniors have participated in internships or independent projects in the past for Senior Experience, the Capstone program was reimagined this year to include new college and post-secondary learning opportunities.

From Monday through Thursday, students participated in at least 20-hours of work on approved projects and internships. Then, on Friday, they came together to participate in important workshops and seminars including topics like: 

  • Safety in college and beyond
  • Young professional work habits
  • Personal finance and budgeting
  • Mental health and wellness (anxiety, support, etc)

Greeley’s Coordinator of Student Life, Lauren Olmo, shared student feedback on the importance of these seminars. Students shared thoughts like, “It helped me develop skills for my professional life and important tips to be successful and make connections in college” and “I learned how to be safe in college.” Students were especially appreciative of the focus on personal finance in their post-high school lives. (continued below)

This year’s Senior Capstone projects featured a wide range of student interests, passions, and work experiences. A few highlights include:

  • Creating artwork for a professional collegiate portfolio and showcasing the artistic process
  • Interning with an engineering company that specializes in greener and sustainable technologies for heating and cooling systems
  • Interning with Westchester County Government to explore legislation, policy and ethics
  • Utilizing robotics and engineering to create a special helmet for superheroes
  • Creating a Gluten-Free Cookbook to support and educate people on the effects of Celiac and how to create better eating habits within daily life
  • Creating and developing their own clothing brand and logo, researching aspects of the clothing industry, and showcasing custom designs
  • Interning at a financial advising company to learn about the stock market, trading and the influence of AI in the industry

Horace Greeley High School Principal, Dr. Sandra Sepe, shared, “I was so impressed by the depth of learning and powerful real-world experiences our students created over these last few weeks. We are excited to continue to build and reimagine this program for years to come.”