2023 Young Writers Contest Results

. . .from the Friends of the Chappaqua Library. . .

This year, the Friends of the Chappaqua Library received nearly 200 submissions from middle and high school writers throughout the Chappaqua Central School District. The authors of the winning nonfiction, fiction, and poetry works were celebrated at an award ceremony on June 1st in the Chappaqua Library Courtyard.

This year's recipient of the Linda J. Zhang Award for Writing Achievement is Alexa Troob. Alexa is student at Horace Greeley who has won Young Writers Contest awards in all three categories during her high school years. Her consistent and excellent work in all three categories each year made her a standout candidate for this year's award. In addition, like Linda, Alexa has demonstrated through her award-winning writing, a passion for environmental stewardship.


Middle School Nonfiction

1st Place: Arjun Jangi, Why I'll Think Twice Before I Pick Up a Bag of Chips

2nd Place: Cecilia Valdes, How Everyone Impacts The Ocean

3rd (tie): Serene Jourdy, Movement

3rd Place (tie): Chanakya Nayudu, Space Debris: A Looming Crisis in the Final Frontier

Middle School Fiction

1st Place: Violet Clinton, Answer

2nd Place (tie): Natalie Jong, Daughter of the Moon

2nd Place (tie): Mila Rymarczyk, Dewhurst Hollow

2nd Place (tie): Luke Scholl, Paintball

Middle School Poetry

1st Place: Arjun Jangi, Good Enough

2nd Place: Cecilia Valdes, We Never Saw It Coming

3rd Place (tie): Brandon Roô, Roses Are Red, But Are Violets Blue?

3rd Place (tie): Aditi Vijil, Parks and Ice Skating

3rd Place (tie): Gigi Wheeler, Innocence

High School Nonfiction

1st Place: Roshan Dhand, My Dad is a Barber

2nd Place: Sean Patrick-Sasaki, It's Coral

3rd Place: Nora Gross, Childless

Honorable Mention (tie): Zoe Chung, Meok

Honorable Mention (tie): Warren Fu, Sack of Rice

High School Fiction

1st Place: Rory Frasch, Life and Death and Everything In Between

2nd Place (tie):& Charles Peterson, Capturing Cold

2nd Place (tie): Alexa Troob, The Full Picture

Honorable Mention: Rena Hollister, Two Halves Make a Whole

High School Poetry

1st Place (tie): Tessa Wheeler, The Othello Poems

1st Place (tie): Hudson Warm, Sea, Sky, Land

3rd Place: Jude Al-Mufti, Credit to the Cradle

Honorable Mention: Lucy Johnson, They Won't Be Watching

Honorable Mention: Azalia, The Forgotten Love