Celebrating Music In Our Schools

Chappaqua's schools are fortunate to have a music education program that includes amazing classes and curricular opportunities in all of our schools and a robust schedule of concerts for our school community. Throughout December and January, our secondary students are performing in seven concerts featuring a diverse range of student groups.

Our District has an award-winning music program run by outstanding music educators encompassing several performing groups: String Quartets; Full Orchestras; Concert Bands; Marching Bands; Full Choruses; Madrigal Choirs; Jazz Bands; Wind Ensembles; Percussion Ensembles; Brass Ensembles; students playing Orff percussion instruments; recorders – and more!

If you hear singing, percussion instruments, recorders, beginning band and string instruments and see students moving and dancing to music, there is a good chance you are in one of our elementary schools. All students in grades K – 4 are given musical instruction in general music classes. In general music, students develop musical skills and concepts through a hands-on approach that incorporates singing, chant and poetry, percussion, recorder, movement, dance and improvisation. General music students at every grade level have the opportunity to participate in a musical performance each year. (...continues below...)

In the middle schools, our students’ musical skill becomes more refined, playing in string quartets, small group instrumental lessons, and in large vocal and instrumental ensembles. You will also hear students composing music, and listening to music as they explore the history of music in their general music classes. Our middle school band and orchestra students begin to expand their instrumental musical skills by performing increasingly more challenging music with particular focus on tone production. They also begin to explore music by composers from different time periods and music in a variety of styles. Students enrolled in the instrumental program perform in two concerts per year, plus the Memorial Day parade for band students.
Vocal music thrives at Bell and Seven Bridges. The middle school Chorus program introduces students to the joy of singing in a large group through public performance. Students develop an awareness of, and comfort for, their individual voice while contributing to the Chorus by singing both classical and popular music in multiple parts. Choral students rehearse every third day, and perform in two concerts per year. In the middle school General Music program, students explore music as a language of self- expression through a variety of mediums, such as instruments, computer programs, composition, and deep listening. Students also study and explore musical movements and genres throughout music history.

The award-winning band and orchestra program at Horace Greeley continues to help students develop their skill, range, and taste in music, offering a wide range of performance opportunities. This includes the Trills and Thrills festival; the NYSSMA All-State festival; performances to benefit the Chappaqua School Foundation; school concerts; stage band performances; full orchestra performances; chamber music recitals; Pep band; and marching band among others. In addition to their rehearsals, students also receive instruction on their instrument in small group settings.

Greeley is also home to an outstanding, award winning vocal music program which offers students the opportunity to sing in a variety of vocal ensembles and gives them the training to pursue music professionally, or as a lifelong avocation. Chorus students perform in a number of concerts, festivals, and benefits throughout the school year.
In addition to band, orchestra, and chorus, students can take advantage of other music offerings at Greeley including Music History, Electronic Music, Musical Theater, Music Theory and A.P. Music Theory.

Music education is a gift that we give our children that can last a lifetime. Join us in celebrating and cultivating this unique, important part of our children’s education.