2022 National Latin Exam Results

Co-sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League, the National Latin Exam (NLE) is a test given annually to Latin students (grades 7-12) across the United States and around the world. The NLE is not meant to be a competition but rather an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom.

The exam is a 40-question, multiple-choice test (45-minute time limit) with questions on grammar, comprehension, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, and Latin in use in the modern world.

Depending upon their score, students may earn certificates, medals, and may even qualify for scholarships. This year, over 100,000 students from all fifty states and 21 countries participated.

Introduction To Latin - Grade 7

Summa cum Laude - Gold Medal
Deena Athanasoulias
Alexandra Brown
Malena Fioretti
Madeline Lamb
Vlora Selimaj
Erin Suk

Maxima cum Laude - Silver Medal
David Allen
Siena Ceradini
Cecelia Clearwaters
Ethan Xu

Magna cum Laude
Miles Brensilver
John Haymson
Giselle Wheeler
Aidan Yang

cum Laude
Laurelai Fowler
Ella Van Wyk

Latin I - Grade 8

Summa cum Laude - Gold Medal
Charlie Blair
William Butler
Dayuan Cheng
Ishana Kumar
Samuel Mullen

Maxima cum Laude - Silver Medal
Valeria Alarcon-Zambrano
Allie Faber
CJ Gagliardo
Albert Huang
Chris Nocca
Samuel Stryker

cum Laude
Henry Holmquist
Jonathan McCall
Skye Rigger
Clara Serrano
Nevin Wildstrom

Horace Greeley High School

A total of 45 students from Latin II, III, IV and AP received awards.

Filip Vujanic is the recipient of the American Classical League’s Maureen O’Donnell Book Award. The award is given to students that receive a gold medal on the National Latin Exam four years in a row. Of the more than 100,000 students in all fifty states and twenty-one foreign countries that took the exam this year, only 386 achieved this award.

Gold Summa cum Laude
Michael Aram
Rachel Chen
Ananya Dhanawade
Emily Hametz
Rena Hollister
Lucas Hufnagel
Steven Kang
Cameron Kidde
Gabrielle Kogan
Ava Peters
Mia Vieira
Filip Vujanic
Reese Wang
Justin Xiang
Daniel Ye

Silver Maxima cum Laude
Natalie Carousso
Jamie Corwin
Lea Duesterwald
Jonathan Forrest
Jack Liu
Rebecca Sage
Trisha Saxena
Bertha Shipper
Josephine Shipper
Owen Sibinga
Adam Soomro
Ethan Vargas
Ashley Ye
Victor Zhou

Bronze Magna cum Laude
Benjamin Chang
Philip Childs
Peter Correia
Katherine Gugick
John Gustafson
Jessica Ji
Lauren Mazzarelli
Jack Moran
Eden Rose
Anthony Ruscigno
Cameron Wong

cum Laude
Daphne Cao
William Chang
Martin Kalathil
Gabriel Paley
Jason Singer