Leadership Adjustments at Grafflin

Board of Education
Hilary Grasso
Warren Messner
Vice President

Alyson Gardner

Cailee Hwang

Jane Kimmel Shepardson

Christine Ackerman, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent for
HR and Leadership Development

Tony Sinanis, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
for Curriculum & Instruction

Adam Pease, Ed.D.
Interim Assistant Superintendent
for Pupil Personnel Services

Jamie Edelman
Assistant Superintendent
for Business

Andrew Lennon

Appointment of Carol Bartlik as Interim Director of Literacy for the 2022-2023 school year

Carol Bartlik

We are excited to have Ms. Bartlik in this role based on her expertise in literacy and her passion for the work. She will work closely with all of our building leaders to enhance our literacy curriculum, support the professional development of our teachers and ensure that all of our students are growing as readers and writers. Ms. Bartlik, a passionate educator for nearly 35 years, has served as the Principal of Grafflin Elementary for the last four years. Previous to her tenure as Principal, she was an Assistant Principal at Roaring Brook Elementary for two years. She has also served in multiple principalships and spent over 13 years of her career as a Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach leading and collaborating with specialized teams to implement new literacy initiatives to support students and teachers.

Ms. Bartlik reflected on this opportunity saying, “Reading and literacy have always been a passion of mine. This is a perfect opportunity for me to combine my expertise as a reading specialist with my leadership experience to assist in moving forward with the District’s mission to support our students. I am thrilled for the opportunity to continue the excellent work that Jamie Edelman has done and continue building and strengthening our programs in literacy.”

Appointment of Debbie Alspach as Interim Principal at Grafflin Elementary for the 2022-2023 school year

Deb Alspach

As Ms. Bartlik transitions to her new role, we are also excited to share that Ms. Alspach will be taking on a new role as the Interim Principal at Douglas Grafflin Elementary School for the 22-23 school year. Ms. Alspach’s familiarity with the Grafflin community coupled with her extensive experience as an elementary school leader will allow for a smooth transition for our students, families, and staff. In her almost 30 years in education, Ms. Alspach has served as a classroom teacher in grades K-6, a math specialist, a district technology teacher, and the Assistant Principal of Grafflin Elementary. Ms. Alspach began her career in Chappaqua School District as a classroom teacher at Westorchard Elementary 23 years ago and has served as the Assistant Principal of Grafflin since 2004.

Ms. Alspach shared, “I am excited to accept the interim principalship at Grafflin. The position allows me to continue developing my leadership skills as a building administrator and continue working with teachers and students. My career as an assistant principal has provided me the opportunity to develop my knowledge regarding special education, Math AIS, and literacy. Each of these experiences gave me the chance to study and support student achievement.”

Christine Ackerman, Superintendent of Schools, stated, “I am thrilled that both of these incredible educators will continue to be part of the Chappaqua school community in their respective new roles next year. Carol’s expertise in literacy education and Debbies experience at Grafflin will allow for a smooth transition as we all work together to best support our students and staff in the coming year.”