A Fond Farewell to our Retirees

At the June 8th Board of Education Meeting, the District bid a fond farewell to this year’s retiring staff members. They have a collective 392 years of service here in Chappaqua and their commitment and dedication will certainly be missed. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

21-22 Retirees

Wit, Fernandes, Pelletier, Brehm, Alkalay, Smyth, H. Castaneda, E. Castaneda

John Alkalay
21 years - Psychologist, Greeley

Kathy Brehm
23 years - Nurse, Greeley

Elizabeth Castaneda
20 years - Custodian, Bell

Henry Castaneda
23 years - Custodian, Greeley

Dave Fernandes
36 years - Custodian, Grafflin

Amy Kaufman
17 years - Teacher Assistant, Bell

Colleen Kourakos
18 years - Speech/Language, SB

Tracy Mahoney
34 years - 1st Grade, Roaring Brook

Annamarie Marasco
19 years - Special Education, Greeley

Ingrid Melhus
25 years - Social Studies, Bell

Pamela Minutoli
25 years - Teacher Assistant, Bell

Karin Pelletier
17 years - Special Education, Seven Bridges

Maryanne Ragonesi
22 years - Teacher Aide, Grafflin

Robert Raguette
19 years - Technology, Bell

Marianne Salustri
13 years - Clerical, Greeley

Catherine Smythe
20 years - English, Greeley

Kathleen Wit
7 years - 3rd Grade, Grafflin

Pam Woodward
33 years - Teacher Aide, Grafflin