Director of Equity, Inclusion & Wellness

On October 28, the Chappaqua Central School District Board of Education named Mr. Phillip I. Marcus Jr. Director of Equity, Inclusion & Wellness, effective November 30, 2020. This newly created position will help propel the District’s equity, social justice and anti-racism work forward as we continue to embed more culturally competent practices and systems in our schools and classrooms.

Mr. Marcus has been a building leader within the New York City Department of Education for three years, after serving as a literacy coach and English teacher at both the middle school and the high school levels. He is an active facilitator of professional learning for his colleagues and teachers with a particular emphasis on equity, anti-racism and culturally competent instruction. Mr. Marcus has published several pieces including two on the issue of race, appearing in Medium and Columbia Spectator. 

Prior to joining CCSD, Mr. Marcus was Middle School Assistant Principal of Instruction at Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice (09X505). In his role, he oversaw approximately 30 teachers and several department chairs, grade level leaders and instructional coaches across content areas including English, Social Studies, and the Arts.  

He has been described by supervisors and colleagues as someone who has a “following in the community” because of his strong relationships with students, teachers and families. He is a proven leader and masterful facilitator who actively engages those around him through conversation and questioning. Mr. Marcus is also a strong instructional leader who has helped shape various practices in his school community including grading, questioning and the integration of culturally proficient curriculum. 

“We are looking forward to welcoming Phillip to this new role which enhances our important equity, anti-racism and social justice initiatives,” said Dr. Christine Ackerman, Superintendent of Schools. “His colleagues have shared that he is an educator who has a deep commitment to equity work and has successful raised the racial consciousness of his colleagues to help create more inclusive and culturally competent learning experiences for students.”

Mr. Marcus shared, “I'm excited to be joining the Chappaqua Central School District and to work among students, families, and educators who have chosen to prioritize equity, inclusion, and wellness in this challenging time for our country. Over the coming weeks, I'm most looking forward to listening to the needs of the community and engaging in conversations and learning experiences that lead to our collective growth.”

Mr. Marcus holds an undergraduate degree in Government from Wesleyan University, a Master’s of Science in Special Education from CUNY Hunter College and a Master’s of Science in Adolescent Literacy from CUNY Hunter College. He currently serves as an Adjunct Lecturer in the Adolescent Literacy and English department at CUNY Hunter College.