Cum Laude Society Inductions

Horace Greeley High School’s official motto is The Lifelong Joy of Learning. Greeley students are inspired and empowered as they consistently engaged in learning experiences that nurture critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving. As a result of this hard work during their time at HGHS, many of our students are recognized for their amazing accomplishments!

At a virtual ceremony on October 27th, 140 seniors at Horace Greeley High School were inducted into the Cum Laude Society, which is an academic recognition program for members of the Senior class based on a set GPA as follows:

Cum Laude 3.8 and higher GPA
Magna Cum Laude 3.9 and higher GPA
Summa Cum Laude 4.0 and higher GPA

Cum laude honors are awarded early in the senior year after the completion of six semesters. Any student with a transcript of all 4.0s is awarded the distinction of Valedictory Honors. Students must be enrolled in Greeley for four or more complete semesters to be eligible for cum laude and valedictory honors.

Under the direction of Kathleen Feldman, music was performed by members of the Greeley Chamber Orchestra, and English teacher, Brian Petruso, delivered this year's Faculty Address.

Names in bold are Valedictory Honorees
*Summa Cum Laude
^Magna Cum Laude

Dylan Andersen^
Nicolas Andreshak*
Grace Arrese^
Molly Babowal
Rebecca Bachenheimer
Akanksha Basil*
Evan Bazel
Evan Berg^
Kaitlin Blakeslee*
Caroline Bomback*
William Brandes^
Matthew Burack*
Grace Byrne^
Gregory Caesar^
Riley Card*
Rielly Carter^
Dylan Chang
Skylar Choi
Miranda Christ*
Daniella Chung*
Camila Cognac*
Kristin Cornish
Matthew Crowe^
Ainsley Cunningham*
Karinna Cvijanovich*
Tuan Anh Dang*
Colin Dunne
Erica Dunne*
Zachary Eichenberg*
Jack Engel*
Matthew Fenlon^
Zachary Fine*
Alexandra Fitzgerald*
Caroline Flannery
Andrew Fogarty^

Talia Fritzhand
Yuna Fukuda-Bystritski
Caroline Gershman*
Ashley Goldbaum*
Lexie Goldman*
Charlie Gordon^
Jessie Greenstein*
Mason Greenstein^
Dylan Greenwald
Ryan Guber*
Timothy Guida
Anna Hallac*
Jack Hanlon*
Charlotte Harrison*
Danny Hoffman
Sumehra Huq^
William Hutchings^
Scott Jakacki
Swetha Kalapatapu^
Jason Kang*
Stephanie Kasulka^
Lily Kaufman^
Elsa Kevorkian^
Elizabeth Knox*
Sebastian Kockler^
David Koestler^
Norah Kuduk*
Hannah Lane*
Dylan Lasky^
Morgan Leason
Jack Lehrhoff*
Sydney Lerman
Caroline Lerner*
Ben Lichtenstein*
Jillian Lifschutz

Valerie Lippin*
Sasha Litwin^
Leona Liu*
William Lu^
Saranda Lulgjuraj
Eleanor Lynch*
Cooper Lynch^
William Ma*
Gavin MacGreevey^
Alison Manna*
Kyle McAfee*
Nathaniel Meakem^
Natalie Meredith
Eli Metzger^
Samuel Mikesell*
Justin Miller*
Dina Millerman*
Sumer Moudgill^
Molly Nick*
Emily Nordberg*
Sinead O'Connor^
Owen Parsons^
Ananya Paruvangada
Anna Paskowitz
Noah Payes^
Julia Pecora
Danielle Plotnick*
Molly Pluta*
Lauren Rappa
Maya Rose
Samuel Rosenberg
Monica Rosu
Jakob Rylo^
Carter Salore^
Sophie Sarrett*

Lori Saxena*
Amanda Schlesinger^
Lauren Schmutz*
Sydnie Schneiderman
Lily Schoonmaker
Mia Scott*
Annie Segal*
Daniel Seong*
James Shaw
Ayden Simpson
Kayla Singer*
Olivia Snow
Maya Solnick*
Luca Sonne^
Noa Souccar
Sophie Stein^
Anabela Taveira*
Emma Terjesen*
Mariana Vieira
Matthew Wasserman^
Cadence Weddle
Jack Wei*
Joseph Weiner^
Shana Weitzen^
Kirsten Whyte^
Talia Williams^
Katharine Wohl*
Jillien Wong*
Devin Wong^
Zoya Yan*
Thomas Ye*
Rishi Young*
Young Zheng*
Jonathan Zhou*
Morgan Ziegler*