Teacher Tenure

At the May 19th meeting, the Board of Education granted Tenure to 10 educators, and celebrated 2 others who received Tenure at previous meetings throughout the year. Congratulations to all on reaching this career milestone!

Teacher Tenure 2021

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The Tenure Process
Newly hired teachers, who have not previously received tenure in a New York State school district, are appointed to a four-year probationary period. Teachers who were tenured previously and had two consecutive years of effective or high effective APPR ratings in their previous position can be appointed to a three-year probationary period. The probationary period for all administrative positions is four years.
Evaluation is one of the most critical responsibilities of the District in maintaining and nurturing a high-quality teaching and administrative staff. Written observations and evaluations are conducted each year of an individual’s probationary period. The probationary period includes 2 announced observations, 1 unannounced observation and a mid-year evaluation. The evaluation of a teacher is a collaborative process between the leadership team and the teachers. The administrator has supervisory responsibility for making decisions and offering recommendations to the superintendent concerning the staff within a school or department. The superintendent supervises, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the Board of Education on teachers, principals and central administrators.
The Board of Education grants tenure based on the recommendation of the superintendent.
In accordance with the District’s commitment to ongoing professional development, tenured teachers and administrators participate in an annual professional development review mandated by New York State law.