A Fond Farewell To Our Retirees

At the June 8th Board of Education Meeting, the District bid a fond farewell to this year’s retiring staff members. They have a collective 759 years of service with the District and their commitment and dedication will certainly be missed. Conductor Kathleen Feldman and a trio of orchestra students provided the music.

Nicole Aurand
Roaring Brook - Teacher Aide - 15yrs

Lynne Brennan
Greeley - Teacher Assistant - 30yrs

Phillip Byrne
Bell - Social Studies - 21yrs

Mario Cabrera
Grafflin - Custodian - 25yrs

Olga Chousa
Roaring Brook - 4th Grade - 27yrs

John Chow
Assistan Superintendent for Business - 14yrs

Ann Marie Collins
Bell - Principal's Secretary - 25yrs

Dave Devine
Westorchard - Custodian - 24yrs

>Carol DiGuglielmo
Greeley - Science - 23yrs

Janet Fletcher
Greeley - Special Education - 13yrs

Trudy Gessler
Greeley - Science - 17yrs

Mark Jagels
Greeley - Social Studies - 31yrs

Deborah Kanuk
Roaring Brook - Principal's Secretary - 17yrs

Christopher Kaser
Greeley - Art - 29yrs

John Lacko
Maintenance - 30yrs

Maura Marcon
Continuing Education - 6yrs

Lillian Markowitz
Grafflin - Teacher Aide - 15yrs

Donna McBride
Greeley - Office Assistant - 22yrs

Paulette McCarron
Roaring Brook - Office Assistant - 23yrs

Teresa McKenna
Greeley - Special Education - 20yrs

Rosemary Melinsky
Seven Bridges - Clerk/Monitor - 16yrs

Peter Metzler
Greeley - Art - 21yrs

Lorie Miano
Seven Bridges - Nurse - 21yrs

Linda Mullane
Seven Bridges - Office Assistant - 18yrs

Maria Sanderleaf
Seven Bridges - English/Social Studies - 20yrs

Gail Schlenger
Greeley - Special Education - 43yrs

Suzann Schriro
Payroll - 32yrs

Elizabeth Sovern
Bell - Family/Consumer Science - 16yrs

Jose Tunas
Bell - Custodian - 26yrs

Lisa Ultan
Staff Developer - 20yrs

Marian Waltzer
Seven Bridges - Asst. Principal's Secretary - 18yrs

Clare Weber
Roaring Brook - Teacher Aide - 14yrs

Roy Woodruff
Greeley - Custodian - 34yrs

Robert Zambernardi
Greeley - Social Studies - 33yrs