Local Letters for Global Change

Congratulations Alexa Troob! The Greeley freshman was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Local Letters for Global Change contest. Her letter on climate change and migration was one of only 18 selected from among over 800 entries from all over the U.S. and around the world and was published on the Pulitzer Center website.

In fall 2020, the Pulitzer Center asked K–12 students to make their voices heard by writing a letter to their local representative about a global issue they want to see addressed, using Pulitzer Center reporting to make their case. Students drew on diverse reporting projects on subjects ranging from pesticide use to water pollution, from police surveillance to the COVID-19 pandemic and its human impact.

In preparation, Greeley's 9th grade Global teachers created a workshop for students to explore under-reported issues in our Global world.  They gave students flexibility to choose issues that were important and interesting to them to investigate. They then used the guidelines and the structure of the Pulitzer Writing Center for this workshop so that students would have an authentic audience. After exploring an issue, students were asked to write a letter to their representative in Congress that:

  • Summarized the most important points concerning their issue.
  • Explained how the issue connects to our community.
  • Advocated for an action their representative could take to help with this issue.

Although Alexa started this activity in class, she worked very hard on her own time to finalize the letter.

Contest entries were judged by the Pulitzer Center team based on content and structure according to the criteria in the Local Letters for Global Change judging rubric--organization, content and language.