Board of Education Committee Membership Opportunities for 2020-2021

CCSD Board of Education

Dear Chappaqua Central School District Community,

The Board of Education is looking to expand opportunities for community members to participate in our various committees.

To that end, please review the following Committee and Advisory Committee descriptions. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please click on the accompanying link to complete and submit an application by Tuesday, August 25, 2020

BOE Committee Membership Opportunities 

  • Board of Education Community Advisory Committee on Antiracism, Equity and Social Justice

  • Green Committee

  • Health and Safety Committee

  • Wellness Advisory Committee

  • Communications Advisory Committee

  • Facilities Advisory Committee

Standing Committees with membership in place for 2020: Audit and Policy committees

Board of Education Community Advisory Committee on Antiracism, Equity and Social Justice

This community advisory committee, to be co-chaired by two sitting Board members, is for the purpose of presenting recommendations to the Board on how to promote and foster a culture and climate in our school district community that is antiracist, anti-discriminatory, and socially and racially equitable. The Committee will address goals, implementation, accountability measures, methods of feedback, and all matters that will assist in advancing the District’s commitment to racial equity and social justice.

Membership: Members of the Committee shall consist of a balance of individuals who will provide diversity with respect to race, ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual orientation and identity, within the school district community, and who will represent all stakeholder groups, including parents at all school levels, students, staff, residents with no students in schools, and alumni.

Meeting Frequency: On weekday evenings. Frequency to be determined.

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Green Committee

The Chappaqua Central School District Green Committee facilitates best practices for sustainability throughout the District, supporting efforts at the facilities, administration, faculty, student and community levels. The Committee brings together representatives from the BOE, facilities, administration, faculty, PTA and town to share information and collaborate on areas of mutual interest thereby multiplying the positive effects of the constituent members' actions.

Meeting Frequency: 2 x per year (October and April)  3:30 pm on a weekday

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Health & Safety Committee (Policy 3020)

A member of the Health and Safety Committee shall participate in the annual visual inspection of every occupied public school building. The District shall consult with the Committee in establishing the safety rating of all occupied school buildings on an annual basis. The District shall involve the Committee in the investigation and disposition of complaints related to health and safety. 

Meeting Frequency: 10 x per year (3rd Thursday of each month during the school year at 3:30 pm)

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Wellness Advisory Committee (Policy 0125)

The District shall establish a Wellness Advisory Committee to advise on the overall implementation and evaluation of this policy. The Committee shall also work with the food service provider to develop and implement a process to improve cafeteria menu and vending machine offerings.

Meeting Frequency:
4 x  per year at 3:30 pm on a weekday

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Communications Advisory Committee

A community advisory committee, to be co-chaired by two sitting Board members, for the purpose of providing advice and recommendations to the Board on proactive communication with all stakeholders of the school district. The goal of this advisory committee is to evaluate and refine the methods and channels used by the Administration and the Board to share information with district families and the community, and to explore the most efficient and effective ways to communicate and engage with all District residents.

Meeting Frequency: To be determined

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Facilities Advisory Committee

The Board of Education will provide facilities that will best support and accommodate the educational program and the student population. To this end, the facilities advisory committee will be tasked to make recommendations regarding the planning and implementation of improvements to district facilities.

Meeting Frequency: As required

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