Cum Laude Society Inductions

Horace Greeley High School’s official motto is The Lifelong Joy of Learning. Greeley students are inspired and empowered as they consistently engaged in learning experiences that nurture critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving. As a result of this hard work during their time at HGHS, many of our students are recognized for their amazing accomplishments!

At a ceremony on October 29th, 166 seniors at Horace Greeley High School were inducted into the Cum Laude Society, which is an academic recognition program for members of the Senior class based on a set GPA as follows:

Cum Laude 3.8 and higher GPA
Magna Cum Laude 3.9 and higher GPA
Summa Cum Laude 4.0 and higher GPA

Cum laude honors are awarded early in the senior year after the completion of six semesters. Any student with a transcript of all 4.0s is awarded the distinction of Valedictory Honors. Students must be enrolled in Greeley for four or more complete semesters to be eligible for cum laude and valedictory honors.

Under the direction of Kathleen Feldman, music was performed by the Greeley Chamber Orchestra, and Science teacher, Dr. John Prignano, delivered this year's Faculty Address.

John began by congratulating to the students, parents, families, friends and teachers gathered to celebrate the many accolades and accomplishments of a very special group of individuals.

Your outstanding achievements to date are the culmination of many years of dedicated work and the collective efforts of a legion of individuals who have contributed to your success in a variety of ways.  

John then transitioned his remarks by cautioning against focusing on what lies ahead rather than savoring the moments unfolding in the present. After recounting two experiences in which he missed opportunities to genuinely immerse himself in something he was actively engaged in, he recited the poem entitled, “The Bright Field” by R.S. Thomas. 

In my interpretation, the author is telling us that the throughout our lives we will experience milestone moments (be they intellectual [like today], during a career [like a promotion or a career change], personally [like college admission, graduation, marriage, birth, the passing of a loved one, or simply meeting new and different people], and artistically enlightening [like the sound of beautiful music or the beauty of a sculpture].

Some will be glorious and spectacular. Some will mundane.  Some will be difficult and more challenging.  We must not simply collect these moments and push past them. The imagery of the bright sun shining on the field that is quickly forgotten tells us to savor each experience and be thankful for the opportunity that each event has provided.  The poem implies that life passes too quickly.  We need to slow down and absorb whatever it is and “smell the roses” if you will.  

Sometimes in our haste to be purposeful and effective, we move too quickly and miss the essence of the moment.  If it was a positive moment, we lose the opportunity to celebrate it and memorialize it.  If it was a negative moment, we lose the opportunity to learn from it and grow. This is not an easy task for some.  (Take it from me.  It has taken me a long time to understand this simple message. However, slowly over time I have embraced this idea and try to live by it to the best of my ability.) It will require your utmost patience, perseverance and discipline to really begin to live in the moment. Throughout the second half of the poem, Thomas tells us that a full, enriched and rewarding life can only be experienced if we embrace the day for what it has to offer us.  

Your destiny will be defined by “the serial collection of experiences just like today only if you are “alive-in” and self-aware of each moment as it occurs”.

John then concluded his remarks:

I encourage you today to begin to “mold your past into your future so that collectively the present becomes more meaningful and eventful to you. In that spirit then I ask that, you acknowledge yourselves for a job well done.

Turn to a neighbor and celebrate. Give them a hug or a high five. Look behind you, find a parent, friend, or relative, and give them a wave, or a wink or a knowing smile so that this memory can be become part of your dynamic destiny which makes each of us special and unique.

Congratulations to one and all for your amazing accomplishments and achievements!

Thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of your moment!

Names in bold are Valedictory Honorees
*Summa Cum Laude
^Magna Cum Laude

Alexandra Abayeva^
Naomi Abe*
Rohan Acharya*
Madelyn Adler
Sara Albert*
Henry Asa*
Natalie Bass
Talia Belowich*
Ryan Bernbach*
Anjali Bhattacharyya*
Davin Bhatti*
Erika Bloomgarden^
Sarah Bonder
Seth Brail*
Riley Bresner*
Spencer Brown
Hudson Burrows
Samantha Burton
Melissa Carousso^
Jared Caspar*
Eliana Cetinski^
Allison Chen*
Elizabeth Chen*
Holly Cheng*
Ethan Chin*
Peter Conway*
Paige Dalrymple*
Preston DePalma
Toby Diamond*
William Dionne
Eve Dorfman*
Sophie Dorst*
Joshua Dulman^
Sabrine Elbouhali*
Amelia Evans^
Noah Falbaum*
Emma Feinerman^
Lauren Fischer*
Jack Fitzgerald
Aaron Foote
Nathan Foote^
Sydney Ford

Alexandra Forster*
Matthew Friedman*
Richard Fu
Tess Fuqua*
Isabella Garcia*
Paul Garell
Kathryn Genda*
Abigail Glassman*
Julia Glynn^
Rhianna Gold*
Gabriela Goldenberg^
Georgia Goldstein*
Nora Goodman*
Cameron Grant*
Justin Greenfeld*
Chloe Greenstein*
Daniel Greenstein*
Stefanie Gschwind*
Mia Handler^
Grace Harasimowicz
Jessica Harris*
Arden Hauck
Ella Hulme
Zain Jafar*
Arden Katz*
David Katz*
Jacklyn Katz
Kirsten Kibler^
Katherine Kissane^
Isabelle Klein^
Lily Klein^
Meredith Klepper^
Alexander Krakower^
William Lafortezza^
Isabella Lais
Emma Langlois*
Jennifer Leahy^
Sophia Lee
Ellie Leibner*
Claire Leibowitz*
Harrison Lerner^
Sophia Levine^

Maggie Li*
Kira Lindner*
Kelly Liu
Liam Lodge^
Dorothy Low*
Allison Lupatkin*
Matthew Maitland
Vedan Malhotra*
Isabelle Malone^
Dylan Marcus^
Fabien Mathias^
Norick Mathias
Rachel Mathisson*
Helen Matthews*
Ellie Mehrara*
Daniel Meringolo
Amanda Michael*
Olivia Milch*
Abigail Miller*
Isabella Miller*
Jacob Miller*
Ji Min Yoo*
Luke Mozarsky*
Henry Nicklin^
Madison Nikc^
Emily Nobel
Jared Osinski^
Bjorn Pagen*
Brian Paget^
Danielle Perelman^
Ryan Pohly*
Dyllon Preston*
Mihir Rajwade*
Amalia Restivo
Sophia Rodriguez^
Brent Rosendorf^
Hailey Rosenthal*
Madison Rosenthal*
Avery Rothstein
Alexander Rouyer*
Sophia Rutman*
Sydney Saltiel*

Harry Samuels*
Christoph Sauerborn^
Lindsay Schwartz*
Jonathan Seidman*
Lily Shapiro*
Jessica Shar^
Ellie Shepardson^
Kiran Sheth*
Georgia Shropshire
Matthew Slaski^
Isabella Smith*
Zeina Soliman
Eric Song*
Phoebe Spar
Noah Stern^
Samuel Stewart*
Tao Sun
Evan Taber
Pranay Talla*
Vicente Tapia-Cortes
Christina Tavlarakis^
Charlotte Templeton*
Bailey Todtfeld*
Penelope Toll*
Benjamin Troob
Jordan Troob*
Ellen Tsai
Jolene Tsang^
Bering Tse^
Leif Vargas^
Kevin Wang*
Mia Warshaw
Trevor Weinstein
Alec Xiang*
Daniel Xu*
Eric Yu^
Rebecca Zadeck*
Ethan Zalasin*
Edward Zhang
Luiza Zibenberg*