2020 Young Writers Contest Results

Congratulations to the Winners and Honorable Mentions of the 2020 Young Writers Contest, sponsored by the Friends of the Chappaqua Library.

In its 40th year, the contest in the three categories of fiction, non-fiction and poetry was open to all students in grades 6-12 residing in or attending school in the Chappaqua School District.

A panel of writing and editing professionals judged the entries blind. There were, as usual, many exceptional entries so the decisions were quite difficult. First, second and third place winners in all categories are awarded cash prizes and certificates.

[Click on the category to read each winning entry]

Middle School Poetry
1st Place: COVID-19, Our Current Reality - Jude Al-Mufti (6th BS)
2nd Place: So Much More - Zara Shahid (7th BS)
3rd Place: Nature - Ava Choi (8th SB)
HM: Happy Birthday To You - Anwen Cao (8th BS)
HM: It Makes No Sense - Rebecca Zhang (7th BS)
HM: Puddle - William Johns (6th SB)
HM: My Junk Drawer - Julia Aram (8th BS)

Middle School Fiction
1st Place: The Fabrication of Infinity - Warren Fu (6th BS)
2nd Place: Butterflies - Rachel Chen (7th SB)
3rd Place: Written on Windows - Olivia Regan (5th SB)
HM: Weltschmerz - Zara Shahid (7th BS)
HM: The Happiest Place on Earth - Morgan Glantz (7th BS)
HM: Our House - Jamie Corwin (7th BS)
HM: The Big Shot - Lachlan Smith (8th SB)

Middle School Non-fiction
1st Place: Religious Beliefs Mustn't Be Used to Evaluate the LGBTQ+ Community - Mali Jaffe (7th BS)
2nd Place: Only Child - Meadow Zhang (7th SB)
3rd Place: Why Women and Men Should Have Equal Pay - Jessica Stern (7th BS)
HM: Why There Should be Unisex Bathrooms - Sophia Hallac (7th BS)
HM: Plastic Pollution Argument - RJ Guerney (7th BS)

High School Poetry
1st Place: A Glimpse into the Inner Workings of My Mind - Lori Saxena (11th
2nd Place: Random Autobiography - Lily Kaufman (11th)
3rd Place: Smoke is the Color of the Sky - Sydney Poser (10th)
HM: 365 Days: An Indian American's Celebration - Trisha Saxena (9th)
HM: Guilty - Abigail Miller (12th)

High School Fiction
1st Place: What are Friends For? - Erica Dunne (11th)
2nd Place: Ghost Story - Cali Cuneo (12th)
3rd Place: The Search - Marko Arboleda (10th)
HM: 8 Minutes and 20 Seconds - Ainsley Cunningham (11th)
HM: Closing My Eyes - Trisha Saxena (9th)

HS Non-fiction
1st Place: Why I Write – Anonymous (11th)
2nd Place: My Turn – Marko Arboleda (10th)
3rd Place: Barbie Dolls and Bird Eggs – Erica Dunne (11th)
HM: The Other Side - Ainsley Cunningham (11th)
HM: Behind the Scenes with Greeley Football on Homecoming Weekend - Matty Wasserman (11th)