Coronavirus Update - March 13, 2020

Dear Chappaqua School District Families,

As we continue to navigate challenging times as a result of the coronavirus, I wanted to share an important update with you this evening. The health and safety of our students, faculty and school community is paramount. Over the past 48 hours, I have spoken with my superintendent colleagues, county representatives, medical professionals, state legislators, the Commissioner of Education, and the Chancellor of the Board of Regents to address our community's concerns.

As a result of these discussions, I have decided to close schools Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 16, 17 & 18). I anticipate guidance over the next several days from State officials that will inform whether or not I will authorize an extended closure. Effective immediately, all scheduled extracurricular activities and athletics will be suspended until further notice.

What is clear to me is that this situation is still evolving. I am therefore using our three remaining snow days next week to allow for more time to determine if an extended closure is necessary. There are outstanding issues that need to be addressed connected to various regulations, mandates and required services. I would like to give our lawmakers, and the NYS Department of Education, more time to address these issues. Please know that the New York State Department of Health is still adhering to the original guidance procedures for determining a school closure. I know districts are responding in different ways to the coronavirus, but please remember that each community has unique needs and resources, which will influence how they respond.

I understand the hardship that closing the District places on many of our families, particularly for an extended period, which is why I feel it is necessary to have as much information as I can before we move to distance learning.

This is an unprecedented situation. I will use the days ahead to gather as much information as possible so I can make the best decision for our children and the safest decision for our families. Again, we will be closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 16 - 18) and I will update you again on, or before, next Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience.


Christine Ackerman, PhD
Superintendent of Schools

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