2020-2021 School District Calendar

At a meeting on February 12, 2020, the Board of Education adopted the Academic Calendar for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Please Note:

  • 181 Student Days + 4 Superintendent Conference Days = 185 School Days
  • If school cancellations during the year cause student days to fall below the NYS attendance requirement, the "make-up" days will be scheduled in this order:
    • May 28, 2021
    • March 29, 2021
    • March 30, 2021
    • March 31, 2021
    • April 1, 2021
  • If we do not meet our NYS hourly requirement due to delays/early dismissals, 6/23, 6/24 and 6/25 will be a full day for K-8 students 
  • EARLY Dismissal Release Times (no lunch served): Elem @ 11:50; Middle School @ 11:00;  High School @ 11:10

How school calendars are developed
There are many factors taken into account when creating the academic calendar for each school year. First, there is New York State Education Law, which stipulates that: 

  • Students cannot attend school in July and August
  • Students must attend school for a minimum of 180 days
  • Students cannot attend school after Regent Rating Day (chosen by NYS)

This alone places limitations on how districts can structure their calendars. However, there are other considerations that also must be made, which include:

  • Legal holidays observed
  • Religious holidays
  • Standardized testing/make-up dates
  • Scoring/processing time for State tests
  • AP testing dates
  • Semester "number of days" balance
  • Attendance trends (e.g. before a holiday/break)
  • Professional development days
  • Contractual agreements
  • Community feedback

As you can see, the process is extremely complex and believe it or not, this list scratches just the surface of what goes into creating the calendar each year. School districts understand that for every change made, there could be a corresponding impact to life outside of school. While it is important to note that not all conflict issues can be avoided, any changes to the school calendar are made after much deliberation and with the best interest of educating students in mind.