Winter Concert Season

Here in Chappaqua, music is a fundamental and essential part of every child’s education. While studies have shown the importance of music education as it relates to brain development, language development, mathematics, and critical thinking skills - all of which benefit students in other subject areas as well - the primary reason for providing music education is to foster self-expression, to value the process of learning an instrument or learning to sing, and to instill a greater appreciation for all aspects of music.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of students enrolled in band, orchestra, and chorus, and the number of students auditioning and qualifying for the highly competitive Westchester County Music Association’s All-County program and the New York State Schools Music Association’s All-State program remains quite high. 

Teachers have responded to the greater demand and improved student development by continuing to pick challenging and complex pieces that the students want, deserve, and are capable of performing.

Upcoming Winter Concerts

  • Dec. 3:  SB Band Concert, 7pm (PAC)
  • Dec. 4:  HG Orchestra Concert, 7pm (Aud)
  • Dec. 5:  BS Band Concert, 7pm (SB PAC)
  • Dec. 9:  BS Grades 5/6 Orchestra Concert, 7pm (Aud)
  • ​Dec. 10:  BS Grades 7/8 Orchestra Concert, 7pm (Aud)
  • ​Dec. 10:  SB Orchestra Concert, 7pm (PAC)
  • ​Dec. 12:  HG Symphonic/Stage/Concert Bands Concert, 7pm (Aud)
  • ​Dec. 17:  SB Chorus Concert, 7pm (PAC)
  • ​Dec. 18:  HG Chorus Concert, 7pm (Aud)
  • ​Dec. 19:  BS Chorus Concert, 7pm (SB PAC)