National Inclusive Schools Week

December 2-6, 2019 is National Inclusive Schools Week. This year, we focus on the District-wide theme of "Belonging".

National Inclusive Schools Week provides an important opportunity for educators, students and parents to come together to celebrate students with all needs, build empathy and understanding and work toward the common goal of successfully educating and including children with a range of needs.

Our theme will be celebrated all week long at all school levels. Every student in grades 3 through 12 will have the opportunity to watch the award-winning short film called Ian.  Children in grades K through 2 will watch a comparable video for younger children. The movies highlight inclusion and will be followed by a teacher-led discussion around our district theme of “Belonging."

We encourage you to click on the images below to watch the videos yourself and to continue the conversation at home!

Video Clip for Grades K-2

Short Film for Grades 3-12

Additional activities throughout the week will vary from school to school, including:

  • 5 Days of Kindness Challenge
  • Painting kindness rocks
  • Guest speakers
  • Structured playground activities
  • Class contracts
  • Bulletin board displays
  • Distributing “Belonging” decals to students
  • Student gatherings
  • Chappaqua Public Library book displays & resources
  • And more!

Enjoy talking with your children about the week, watch the videos, and celebrate the importance of creating inclusive spaces, schools, and homes where every person feels like they belong. 

Thank you to the Chappaqua PTA, the Chappaqua PTA Special Education Committee, and all of the parent volunteers - especially all of the school special education chairs - for their help planning this important week for our schools.

An Inclusive Framework for Education
The Chappaqua School District is committed to providing equitable opportunities for students with disabilities to receive effective educational services, with the needed supplementary aids and support services, in age-appropriate general education classrooms in their neighborhood schools. To the greatest extent possible, students with disabilities are educated in chronologically age-appropriate general education classes in their home schools and provided with the specialized instruction they require. Within our inclusive model, instruction is developed and provided in a manner that ensures all students have access to the same curriculum within a learning experience appropriate for them.

Everyone Benefits
Inclusive education significantly contributes to the educational experience of all children in many ways. Special educators, educational specialists, and other support personnel recommended for the education of integrated students with disabilities enrich classrooms by working with all students. The instructional teams in schools are expanded by the participation of multidisciplinary personnel made available by special education and enable new teaching and learning experiences in classrooms for all students. Inclusive education enriches the diversity in classroom learning communities providing all students expanded opportunities for better understanding the world, those around them, and themselves.

Over the many years the school district has developed and implemented inclusive practices, academic outcomes for students with disabilities have become stronger. During the same period of time, the overall achievement of students throughout the district has consistently been excellent.