December 14, 2019

What's Happening in Chappaqua's Schools. December 14, 2019

Roving Reporters 

Fifth-grade students at Bell are immersed in a journalism unit that has heightened their awareness of the everyday events occurring in their community. Some of the lessons for this unit of study include learning how to write an informative text to examine a topic and convey ideas; developing a topic with concrete details, quotations, and other information; and using technology to graphically design and lay out a newspaper.

After analyzing articles to determine the key elements of a news story and watching a news event to practice taking relevant notes to prepare to write an article, the student journalists headed to downtown Chappaqua in search of news.

Thank you to the Town officials and merchants available for interviews -- some opening earlier than usual to accommodate the students’ schedule -- and to the parent volunteers who chaperoned the experience.


Adversity to Advantage

Randy Ginsburg at HG LIFE School.After overcoming adolescent bullying and turning his high school entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving sneaker business, HG and LIFE School alum Randy Ginsburg ('15) released his first book, "Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success." He recently returned to C Building to share his inspirational story with current students.

In Adversity to Advantage, Randy Ginsburg strives to encourage those who were bullied with words of wisdom from a diverse group of highly successful entrepreneurs--Tom Ford, Elon Musk and Andrew Nikou--who have overcome the challenges from their past and used their negative experiences as stepping stones for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Randy hopes that his story, along with those he interviewed and studied, will serve as an inspiration for many, a therapeutic resource for those who were bullied, and to help motivate and guide individuals as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey--something to turn to when the going gets tough to let them know they are not alone. He strives to give readers the power and courage required to train their mind to overcome even the greatest of obstacles, find their voice, share their story, and turn whatever roadblock stands in their way into something positive and special.


Winter Adaptations

Part of the second-grade science curriculum has students observing and measuring seasonal changes in the environment. They examine changes in trees and clothing throughout the year, measure and collect data in each season (e.g. temperature), and identify animal and human adaptations to changing conditions. 

Thanks to a P/NW BOCES program, on December 10th, scientists at Roaring Brook learned more about the four main methods animals use to survive the winter: they go dormant, hibernate, migrate, or stay active. The program introduced students to each method, how it unfolds, and which animals use each method. 

Animal winter adaptation assembly

Then, during the interactive stations, students examined animal pelts, preserved specimens, and skulls of various animals that used each method. The student scientists even got to meet an "animal ambassador" that would normally be dormant or hibernating at this of year.


A Fond Farewell to Dr. Heidi McCarthy

Dr. Heidi McCarthy

After 38+ years in education, it is a bittersweet time for us here in Chappaqua as we announce the retirement of Dr. Heidi McCarthy, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, effective April 26, 2020.

Ever since her arrival nine years ago, Heidi has been a powerful voice for all students. She has been instrumental in moving forward the teaching and learning practices that support an inclusive educational environment. Heidi made certain students with disabilities had every opportunity to participate in all non-academic and extracurricular programs and activities. During her tenure, Heidi has provided a wealth of knowledge, a historical understanding, and a unique perspective that were essential in helping the District successfully address the numerous State laws, regulations, and mandates. She spearheaded a Tri-State Consortium consultancy visit focused on our special education programming where she used the feedback to enhance practices moving forward, and advocated for adherence to universal design principles as the District moves forward with social-emotional learning alignment, curriculum alignment, project-based learning in our innovative spaces, technology integration, and personalized learning.

Please join us thanking Heidi for her tireless service and unwavering dedication to the Chappaqua school community. She will surely be missed and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


Winter Session

"Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have
is your mind and what you put into it." ~ Brian Tracy

Start the New Year off right! Registration is now open for the Chappaqua Continuing Education Winter Session.

It’s never too late to learn something new. . .

  • Classes begin the week of January 6, 2020
  • Register early to ensure your spot
  • Many classes sell out
  • We do cancel classes for lack of enrollment, so don't delay in expressing your interest.

Please visit in New Window for course descriptions and to register, or or call 238-7201 ex. 2318.

College Prep‚Äč

  • ACT Prep Class
  • SAT Prep Class

Games & Fun

  • Canasta: Beginners
  • Canasta: Intermediate Play

World Languages

  • Advanced Italian Conversation

Dance & Exercise

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Jumpstart to Fitness for Women
  • Pilates
  • POUND Rock Out Workout
  • Small-Group Personal Training
  • TRX Strength Training
  • Vinyasa Yoga



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  • Dec. 16:  NWEA Grades 3-8 Parent Mtg, 7pm (SB)
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  • Dec. 18:  HG Chorus Concert, 7pm (Aud)
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