iLearning Update - April 3, 2020

iLearning Update. April 6-13, 2020

Dear Chappaqua Central School District Families,

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well during this challenging time. iLearning has presented our community with both challenges and opportunities, but the most remarkable part is how quickly everyone has come together as one community to support our students. Thank you! 

As Dr. Ackerman shared with you yesterday, from April 6th to April 13th, we are excited to propose a variety of ways for your child to continue their remote learning. It is our hope that these experiences will provide a needed change of pace, stimulate their curiosity and inspire creativity. By providing a wide variety of educational activities, it is our hope that your family can engage in a way that fits each unique set of family circumstances.

Our Chappaqua iLearning Website, which we will continue to enhance throughout the week, will serve as our dashboard of resources. We hope that you and your child will explore the options available. One possibility is for your child to explore the enrichment and extra practice available through the iBounce Boards. The Adventure Boards were designed to blend high- and low-tech activities and encourage children to explore their world. Each Adventure Board is linked to a Padlet where your child can share their learning. A third possibility is for our students to choose and design a passion project that they work on and share on April 13th through a Padlet showcase. There are three types of projects available that are accessible for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Several of these activities may take just a few minutes to complete while others could take the entire week.

Click on the thumbnail below to watch a short screencast description of each.


iBounce board


Adventure Board


Passion Projects

To keep your family active, Physical Education activities will also be posted by our Athletic Department on our iLearning Website.

Collaboration with others has always been a cornerstone of our educational philosophy and one that has been challenging as we have transitioned to iLearning. As students consider their plan for next week, please encourage them to virtually work together if they so choose. Be creative with your teams which may be a family, a multi-age team, siblings, classmates, or any other combination.

Teachers from every level will be available to guide and support this learning throughout the week and on Monday (4/13) from 8-11am and 12-3pm. Your child can “Zoom in” to work synchronously with teachers of every level as our Office Hoursschedule describes. We will make revisions to this schedule so we have the necessary level of support available. Please encourage your child to “Zoom in” to learn with our educators during each phase of project development. To ensure that all students are supported, special education teachers, counselors, and English as a New Language teachers are also available all week. Administrators and Professional Development Team members will also be available to assist you and your child. 

Again, thank you for your partnership in this iLearning journey. We are excited to work with your students as they dive into creative, passion projects throughout the week. As always, your building administrators are available to answer any questions you might have.


Dr. Adam Pease and the Chappaqua Professional Development Team


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