May 5, 2019

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May 5, 2019

Thanks to the power of Twitter, our District administrators and teachers are connecting with colleagues, near and far, to spotlight our best practices and engage in digital discourse around important educational issues. These digital connections, which serve as a virtual community of practice, allow us to learn from educators from around the world and enhance our craft as a result.

We are also using the platform to showcase student work, capture daily learning experiences and highlight special class projects and activities. Our goal is to flatten the walls of our schools and give our families a clear understanding of what learning and instruction looks like in Chappaqua. We are proud to spotlight our students and staff in this way!

Take a minute to scroll through this collection of Twitter account screenshots and see what's happening in Chappaqua's schools.

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Upcoming Events

  • May 6:  HG Senior Experience Begins
  • May 6-17:  HG Advanced Placement Exams
  • May 7:  SB Band Concert, 7pm (PAC)
  • May 8:  Bell Band Concert, 7pm (SB PAC)
  • May 8:  Board of Education Meeting, 7:30pm (HG)
  • May 10:  HG Puritans Show, 7pm (Aud)
  • May 13:  School Board Candidates Night, 7pm (Town Hall)
  • May 14:  Bell Grades 5/6 Orchestra Concert, 7pm (Bell)
  • May 14:  SB Orchestra Concert, 7pm (PAC)
  • May 15:  Bell Grades 7/8 Orchestra Concert, 7pm (Bell)
  • May 16:  HG Concert Band/String Orchestra Concert, 7pm (Aud)
  • May 17:  Bell Talent Show, 7pm (Bell)
  • May 18:  WO Theater Company presents "Aladdin Jr.", 12pm & 3pm (SB PAC)
  • May 18:  HG Relay For Life, 6pm - Donate
  • May 20:  HG LIFE School Grade 11 Digital Portfolios, 7pm (iLab)
  • May 21:  Budget Vote & Elections, 7am-9pm (HG Gym) - Voter Registration & Absentee Ballot Information
  • May 21:  HG Science Research Symposium, 6:30pm (K110)

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