2019 National Latin Exam Results

Co-sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League, the National Latin Exam (NLE) is a test given annually to Latin students (grades 7-12) across the United States and around the world. The NLE is not meant to be a competition but rather an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom.

The exam is a 40-question, multiple-choice test (45-minute time limit) with questions on grammar, comprehension, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, and Latin in use in the modern world.

Depending upon their score, students may earn certificates, medals, and may even qualify for scholarships. This year, more than 131,000 students from all fifty states and 12 countries participated this year.

Introduction To Latin - Grade 7

Ribbon & Certificate of Achievement    
James Anderson
Violet Christensen
Rena Hollister
Marley Horowitz
Eli Jubelirer
Gabrielle Kogan
Aidan Lewinter
Emma Lim
Dilin Lulgjuraj
Luke Nordberg
Neil Noronha
James Pufahl
Eden Rose
Rebecca Sage
Ethan Vargas
Mia Vieira
Madeleine Visser
Carter Walsh
Tatum Walsh
Cameron Wong
Jordan Zhao
Victor Zhou

Certificate of Achievement    
Ollie Baccay
Christopher Butler
George Catarella
Jamie Connors
Jack Cornish
Aidan Dunleavy
Ben Fine
Rosemary Guida
Connor McHugh
Louisa Rose
Benjamin Singer

Latin I - Grade 8

Gold Summa Cum Laude    
Daphne Cao
Ashleigh Corwin
Lauren Fanter
Lizzy Osinski
Anthony Ruscigno
Trisha Saxena
Bertha Shipper
Owen Sibinga
Jane Spiro
Gordon Walsh
Tessa Wheeler
Rachel Zhang

Silver Maxima Cum Laude    
Lucas Abraham
William Chang
Joyce Chen
Bae Cuneo
Lea Duesterwald
Michelle Kasulka
Jillian Ludl
Lauren Mazzarelli
Anastasia Ocejo
Gabriel Paley
Amy Yang
Leela Young

Magna Cum Laude    
Abigail Beck
Peter Correia
Matthew Fioretti
Kate Ginsburg
Jonathan Kang
Emma McCumber
Jason Wei
Diego Weiss
Jordan Zeiger

Cum Laude    
Tommy Antes
Jonathan Renza
Daniel Stankiewicz
Alex Vergara

Horace Greeley High School

A total of sixty-nine students from Latin I, II, II, IV and AP received awards.

Holly Cheng, Nathan Foote, and Alec Xiang are the recipients of the American Classical League’s Maureen O’Donnell Book Award. The award is given to students that receive a gold medal on the National Latin Exam four years in a row. Of the 131,787 students in all fifty states and twenty foreign countries that took the exam this year, only 527 achieved this award. 

Alec Xiang is also the recipient of the Carter Stubbs Drake Goad Memorial Book Award. The award is given to students that achieve a perfect score four times. Of the 131,787 students that took the exam, only 6 achieved this award.

Gold Summa cum Laude
Jared Caspar
Holly Cheng
Noah Falbaum
Nathan Foote
Anna Hallac
Jessica Ji
Jason Kang
Aaron Khasidy
Cooper Lynch
Eleanor Lynch
Kyle McAfee
Lori Saxena
Janice Seong
Linda Sun
Christina Tavlarakis
Cadence Weddle
Jack Wei
*Alec Xiang
Young Zheng

*perfect score

Silver Maxima cum Laude
Mason Balber
Nyssa Bhattacharyya
Henry Blair
William Brandes
El Cetinski
Lauren Fischer
Caroline Flannery
Jackson Greenberg
Kira Lindner
Jack Liu
William Ma
Theodora Mace
Meghan Mahady
Dillon O’Malley
Anna Paskowitz
James Reynolds
Sophia Rutman
Ingrid Santos-Rivera
Kiran Sheth
Ayden Simpson
Jason Singer
Adam Soomro
Jonathan Suh
Penelope Toll
Greyson Weddle
Ashley Ye
Ethan Zalasin
Jonathan Zhou
Catherine Zhu

Bronze Magna cum Laude
Alessandra Allegra
Jacob Berwin
Michael Diefenbach
Paul Garell
Carolyn Gugick
James Kissane
Kevin Liu
Charlie Singer

cum Laude
Harris Allen
James Allen
Megan Bass
Jack Blanchard
Indigo Comay
Max Fanter
Hyun-Jin Lee
Joshua Spiro
Katelyn Stingone
Vicente Tapia-Cortes
Michael Thorsberg
Robbie Tunick
Hudson White