March 12, 2019

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March 12, 2019

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  • March 11-14: Kindergarten Registration Week
  • March 13: School / Library Boards Potential Candidate Info Session, 7pm (Bell)
  • March 15: Superintendent's Conference Day - No School for Students
  • March 20: Board of Education Mtg, 7:30pm (HG)
  • March 21-23: Senior Musical - Mamma Mia! (HG) (Tickets)
  • March 23: Chappaqua PTA STEM Fest, 9am-1pm (Bell)
  • March 27: Board of Education Mtg, 7:30pm (HG)
  • March 28: Chappaqua PTA-Sponsored School Budget Forum, 9am & 7pm (Bell)

Save The Date

  • April 26: Chappaqua School Foundation Spring Benefit, 7pm (Tickets)
  • April 30: Chappaqua PTA Spring Meeting, 7pm (SB PAC)

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Meeting Dates/Presentations for the 2019-20 School Budget

2019-2020 Academic Calendar (adopted on 2/13/19)

"Genius Hour" allows for personalized learning

Four students collaborate during Genius Hour.

"I love when our students pop up into the MakerSpace looking for materials/solutions," said Ellen Paradiso, Library/Media Specialist at Grafflin. "I gave a student some glue dots and she said, Thanks, we'll test it and if it doesn't work we'll find something else. We have to try."

Mrs. Paradiso is referring to 3rd-grade students in Mrs. Cohen's class who are just starting their next round of Genius Hour, which is based on Google's "20% Time" where employees get to work on passion projects for 20% of their work time. The 20% Time has been embraced in classrooms across the country because research has shown that it drives creativity and increases productivity (Gmail started this way).

At Grafflin, Mrs. Cohen first introduces Genius Hour with a teacher-generated challenge to teach the structure and to have students work in design teams to invent something. This year, students were asked to design something that will prevent the condensation from Mrs. Cohen's iced coffee cup from ruining the papers on her desk. 

This next round is totally student-driven. Students write up a proposal on what they want to do and then meet with Mrs. Cohen for further discussion. Some projects in the pipeline include a sports website for kids, a business plan for a child-run local dance studio, the perfect sleep mask, a math facts board game, the ultimate dry skin lotion, and a combination sunscreen/insect repellent.


"Bell Bites" satisfies a technology craving

How to make strawberry shortcake.Elizabeth Sovern, a Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teacher at Bell, is currently in a yearlong professional development program with The Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville. Her aim is to increase media literacy and incorporate lessons on how to shoot most effectively with ipads and iphones while helping students learn how to edit their work to tell their story.

After cooking in FACS class for two years, 7th-grade students are stepping out of their comfort zone and applying their cooking knowledge independently to create TV Food segments--Bell Bites--for a weekly Bellevision TV show that streams school-wide every Friday morning.

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Young artists thrive at Greeley

Art is basic to the development of a productive and creative human being. The Chappaqua K-12 Art Department is committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment to explore and create.

With a focus on the creative process, District art teachers foster curiosity, hands-on problem solving, visual literacy, personal expression and a reflection on an individual relationship to the world. Critical thinking, collaboration, and communication are cultivated as aesthetic experiences and connections deepen understanding of past and present cultures, and help us imagine and create the future.

Artists at Greeley have been making a splash lately, with their original works receiving recognition from Northeast Regional Scholastic Arts, the American Scholastic Press Association, and the Katonah Museum of Art.

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Image credit: "Pick Me" - Rebecca Putnan


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