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December 11, 2018

Upcoming Events

  • December 11:  SB Orchestra Winter Concert, 7pm
  • December 12:  Bell 7/8 Orchestra Winter Concert, 7pm
  • December 12:  DG/RB/WO Learning To Look, 7pm (WO)
  • December 12:  Special Board of Education Mtg/Forum, 7:30pm (HG)
  • December 13:  DG Grade 3 Parent Performance, 9:20am
  • December 13:  HG Symphonic/Stage Bands Winter Concert, 7pm
  • December 19:  Bell/SB Learning To Look, 7pm (SB)
  • December 19:  HG Chorus Concert, 7pm
  • December 24 to January 1: Winter Recess - no school for students
  • January 2:  Classes Resume (Day 4)

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2016 Capital Improvements Bond Construction Update

CCSD Design Process.

A rigorous and forward-thinking public education is a hallmark of our community.

In June 2016, residents approved a capital improvements bond that has allowed the District to improve infrastructure; upgrade fields; build flexible, research-supported, intentionally-designed learning environments; and improve the Chappaqua Public Library.

While some projects have already been completed and are being put to good use by students and the community--namely the global learning centers (GLC) at the elementary schools, the Bell science classrooms, the turf Competition Field, and renovations to the Greeley auditorium--there is still work to be done on our secondary-level STEAM centers; the GLC, instruction center (upper L Building), and Room K110 at Greeley; the Side Field at Bell; and the Library.

Please click on the "Read More" link below for more information about the bond projects including a video of current construction, updated completion time lines, and financials.

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Shark Tank feeds creation, collaboration, and communication skills

CCSD Design Process.Over the last several years, the District's STEAM Collaborative has developed STEAM units, embedded a universal vocabulary for all learners, and created a K-12 design process to frame shared learning experiences. 

The various phases of the design process allow students to engage in authentic and innovative learning. The experiences launches with the brainstorming phase, which is ideal for identifying an existing challenge or problem. The students then move on the production phase, which is a time to explore fresh ideas and flesh out possible improvements or solutions to the identified problem; and finally, the students engage in the reflection phase where they further develop their ideas, and consider how to test and refine them with the goal of transforming possibility into reality.

Two examples of the District's Design Process in action were seen in Mrs. Posner's fourth grade class at Westorchard; and in Mrs. Kenna's fifth grade class at Bell, who partnered with Greeley students from Mr. DeBellis' Technology and Design Integration class where the high school students served as mentors to the fifth graders.

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Great Things Happen In Inclusive Schools!

National Inclusive Schools Week Banner. December 3-7-2018. #ISWDecember 3-7 was "National Inclusive Schools Week", a time to highlight and celebrate the progress schools have made in implementing inclusive practices to ensure a quality education for an increasingly diverse student population.

It also was an occasion to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of teachers, administrators, support staff, students, and parents in making their schools more inclusive, and, thereby, significantly contributing to the development of a more inclusive society. For the 2016-17 school year, 86.1% of Chappaqua students receiving special education services were educated in regular education classrooms for 80% or more of their school day. The average for NYS was only 58.4%. (Numbers for 2017-18 are not available yet.)

Activities for NISW were planned throughout the District and were managed by the Chappaqua PTA's Special Education Committee in concert with school staff and parents.

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Class of 2021 ~ Annual Day of Giving

Students filming with and iPad to documant their learning.When students get involved in community service, they not only help others but they also help themselves! We know that students who volunteer their time expand their worldview, develop empathy, expand their leadership skills, and realize how their actions can have a positive impact. Our students also return to the classroom realizing how their classroom experiences apply to the real world, which reinvigorates their passion for learning.

The student leadership council planned a wonderful day to bring the sophomore class together. On November 29, 2018 tenth-graders had the opportunity to take part in the 2nd Annual Day of Giving, with activities being held both on the Greeley campus and off-site.

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Tri-State Consortium reviews Special Education practices

Tristate consortium team members siting in a cirlce.On December 5-7, the District hosted a Tri-State Consortium visit. Through the lens of the Board of Education’s two Strategic Questions, along with four essential questions developed by the school community, the Tri-States team used eight "indicators" to measure and evaluate the District’s inclusive special education practices.

During the first two days, the team conducted classroom visits, held focus group discussions with various stakeholders, and reviewed evidence of curriculum, instruction, and professional development projects along with student work. On the last day, the District provided clarification regarding any remaining questions that the team may have had, and received some initial, informal feedback in a "fishbowl-like" setting, which included commendations of CCSD strengths along with recommendations for growth.

We look forward to receiving their comprehensive final report in the coming weeks as we continually seek to evolve our instructional practices to benefit all students and staff. 

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Ned Norton receives a hero's welcome

Students in the SHARE Jr Club present Ned with an oversized check for $306.00.What an inspirational day for 5th- and 6th-grade students at Seven Bridges. Thanks to the PTA, students had the opportunity to spend time with Ned Norton, one of CNN's "Top Ten Heroes for 2014".

Ned is a fitness trainer who has dedicated his life to providing free and low-cost strength and conditioning regimens to enhance life skills and independence for individuals with disabilities through his nonprofit, Warriors on Wheels.

Ned spoke to students about his background, how and why he started his life's work, and how he is expanding his program through The Hercules Project. Then, students got to experience what it's like to be Ned, and what it may be like to be one of Ned's workout clients by rotating through seven stations with various physical activities to simulate the different disabilities that Ned's friends may have.

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Journeys into American Indian Territory

Mini Longhouse draped with tapestries and animal pelts.The 4th-grade social studies curriculum includes a focus on New York State. Students learn about natural resources and landforms, study the Iroquois Indians, research European explorers who came to the New World, examine Colonial New York and the Revolutionary War, and discuss immigration/Ellis Island in the early 1900s.

Students recently completed a unit on the Native Americans who inhabited the area.

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Chappaqua Continuing Education - Classes Begin January 7, 2018

Winter Session. Snowman in a winter scene with evergreen trees."Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it." ~ Brian Tracy

Online registration is now open for the CCE Winter Session.

Canasta ♦ Vinyasa Yoga ♦ Pilates ♦ Small Group Personal Training ♦ ACT Prep ♦ SAT Prep ♦ Ch'i Kung ♦ Italian Conversation Through Cinema ♦ Excel Boot Camp

Register early to ensure your spot as classes do sell out.

For more information and to register, please visit or call 914-238-7201 x2318.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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