A message from the Athletic Director

Athletic Director's Update #9

November 23, 2021

Dear 7th and 8th Grade Families,

We hope that this email finds you and your family doing well. The purpose of this message is to provide an update on the Winter 2021/2022 athletic season.

  1. Are you hoping to play a winter sport, but are not yet registered? Please register now if you hope to be eligible for practices/workouts on Tuesday, November 30th. When registering, please be sure to carefully review the CCSD STUDENT EXPECTATIONS FOR ATHLETES with your child.
  2. Already registered? Great! You ALSO need to remember our COVID protocols -- you either need to have your vaccination card uploaded to Operoo, OR submit a negative COVID test weekly. For more information and to sign up for weekly testing (if needed), or to submit a result from a certified lab, please visit the District's COVID Testing Management System (CTMS) webpage.
  3. Make sure you are in the SportsYou group for your sport. Here you can communicate with your coach and review your practice/game schedule.
  4. If you missed our November 22nd Winter Sports meeting, you can view the recording here and our slide deck here.
  5. Chappaqua Central School District has updated our Continuity of Learning Plan to include our Winter Sports COVID Safety Plan.
  6. As mentioned during the parent meeting, for Indoor Winter Track, each middle school has a team. They will workout indoors or outdoors, depending on weather conditions. Runners should plan accordingly and be prepared for either. No spikes are allowed. The practice calendar for each will be in their respective SportsYou groups. Please be aware that any further updates will come from coaches within the SportsYou app.
  7. WRESTLING UPDATE: Our wrestling team is a COMBINED team made up of both middle schools. The VENUE for practice has now changed, as we said it might. Our wrestlers will go home after school, no matter which school they attend, and then return to Seven Bridges Middle School for a 4 - 5:30 p.m. practice. Please be aware that any further updates will come from coaches within the SportsYou app.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Geoff Curtis
Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Health

Kristin McGurl
Asst. Athletic Director