A message from the Superintendent

Superintendent’s Update #27

January 18, 2022

Dear Chappaqua Central School District Families and Staff,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to share significant shifts in our COVID-19 practices regarding testing, contact tracing, and exposure notification.

As you may be aware, last week, the NYSDOH released an FAQ for school districts. This release indicated that school districts were no longer responsible for contact tracing. You can find this FAQ here.

The WCDOH shared a memo with school superintendents late Friday that addressed whether or not schools are required to contact trace in our county. In this memo, which can be found here, the WCDOH affirmed the following:

Schools are not required to do contact tracing, but are required to have a system or a plan in place to identify affected students and notify parent/guardians of possible COVID exposures that have occurred in the school setting.

As a result of this above procedural shift, please be advised of CCSD procedures and protocols moving forward.

for Lab Confirmed COVID Positive Individuals

District Transportation: Families on a given bus route will be notified by email if an individual was on District transportation while infectious. To reduce potential exposure, siblings will still be required to sit together on District transportation, and assigned seats will remain in place for students in grades K-8.

Modified/JV/Varsity CCSD Athletics: Families will be notified by email if their child may have been exposed to an infectious individual while participating in athletics.

Horace Greeley High School Lunch: Families will be notified by email if their child may have been exposed to an infectious individual while eating lunch.

Please be advised that email notifications will be sent to families during regular business hours and issued if the District is notified within five days of the exposure. The District will not send out exposure notifications for home tests. We will continue to send out our aggregate representation of positive cases throughout our school community on Friday afternoons.


The NYSDOH has issued iHealth rapid antigen test kits to school districts across New York State. CCSD will distribute test kits to our families for CCSD student/staff use under the following conditions:

  • a vaccinated student/staff member is exhibiting symptoms, or
  • an asymptomatic unvaccinated/vaccinated student or staff member has been exposed to an infectious person

Requests for test kits may be made up until 8pm each evening here. Kits will be distributed at your child’s school between 9:30am-1pm and may be picked up at the main entrance. CCSD staff may pick up a test kit from the District Office between 8:30am-3:30pm.

Vaccinated students or staff members presenting with symptoms that would require a negative test to return to school must test twice. A test must be administered (and results uploaded) the day before the symptomatic individual returns to school and the morning they are scheduled to come back to the building (the tests must be at least six hours apart). CCSD will not accept home tests for symptomatic students or staff outside of our process. Students/staff may continue to submit lab confirmed COVID-19 tests to return to school.

Unvaccinated students and staff who are symptomatic may not submit a home test for review; they must receive a result from a certified lab or medical facility.

Parents who receive a test kit for an asymptomatic unvaccinated/vaccinated student must UPLOAD their child’s results on the same day the kit was issued.

Please be advised individuals may present with symptoms for many reasons. It is imperative that families follow recommendations from their physicians with regard to the need for medical treatment. Negative COVID-19 tests do not rule out other serious health conditions.


NYSDOH requires that students/staff who participate in Test to Stay have been exposed to an infectious individual in school. Since school districts are no longer contact tracing, and based on the home testing program outlined above, our onsite Test to Stay program at Seven Bridges is discontinued.

Families of unvaccinated students who believe their child was exposed to COVID-19 may participate in our home testing program for five days provided they do not reside in a household with a COVID-19 positive individual. Unvaccinated students who reside with a COVID-19 positive individual must access remote instruction until they receive medical clearance to return to school.

Parents who receive test kits must UPLOAD their child’s results every morning for five days. If it is a school day,  families must upload the results before sending their child to school.


CCSD will continue to offer testing on Monday afternoons while school is in session from 3-5:00pm for all students and staff. Please be advised that unvaccinated student athletes and unvaccinated staff are not permitted to submit home tests to meet their COVID testing requirements. The current procedures these individuals follow weekly for COVID-19 clearance remain in place.


CCSD expects outside organizations using our indoor spaces to follow the same notification procedures outlined above, when appropriate. As a reminder, all participants must wear masks and socially distance (when applicable) while in our indoor spaces.

We will continue to make adjustments that align with the NYSDOH and WCDOH guidelines. Please reach out to your building-level team with any questions regarding these shifts in our procedures.


Christine Ackerman, PhD
Superintendent of Schools