A message from the Superintendent

Superintendent’s Update #25

January 11, 2022

Dear Chappaqua Central School District Families and Staff,

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) sent a memo to school administrators and local health departments last evening regarding isolation and quarantine guidance for schools. You may access this memo here.

In this memo, the NYSDOH indicated that they would issue revised isolation and quarantine guidance “shortly,” as well as an update to the Test-to-Stay memo to account for the new quarantine length.

There are adjustments outlined in this memo that need further clarification before we move forward with any changes to our current practices. It is my hope that we will receive the revised guidance from the NYSDOH as indicated in this memo, or written clarification from the Westchester County Department of Health (WCDOH), on how we should move forward, by the end of this week.

In preparation for anticipated changes in our processes, we are currently developing an attestation form for families and staff who test positive for COVID-19. This shift would result, in part, from a shortened isolation period as indicated in the language in section d of the NYSDOH memo:

d. Isolation: Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate for a minimum of 5 days (regardless of vaccination status). If symptoms persist, further isolation will be required; otherwise, they may attend or work at school after the 5-day isolation.

The District will still continue the 10 day isolation period for COVID-19 positive students until further clarification is received from the WCDOH, and/or the NYSDOH, as indicated in the memorandum.

We are also preparing to share with you a process to re-upload vaccination cards to Operoo that reflect booster administration as a result of this language in section b in the NYSDOH memorandum:

b. Extracurricular or after school activities: Individuals 12 years and older who are eligible for a booster but not boosted, and who have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19, cannot participate in extracurricular or after school activities and, aside from school attendance for instruction and bus travel, must adhere to a 5-day quarantine at home.

Please note, the above language and quarantine shift is significant for our athletes, musicians, and students who participate in the theater and other extracurricular programs. If this becomes required practice, students who are vaccinated but not boosted will be removed from their respective program for five days following an exposure.

I will update the Board of Education on our current thinking and any new developments at our meeting this Wednesday (1/12) at 7:30pm. Thank you for your continued understanding and support.


Christine Ackerman, PhD
Superintendent of Schools