Unvaccinated Employees & Student Athletes

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COVID-19 test kits are available to families at your child’s school and may be picked up at the main entrance during regular business hours.

Students or staff members presenting with symptoms that would require a negative test to return to school must test twice. A test must be administered (and results uploaded) the day before the symptomatic individual returns to school and the morning they are scheduled to come back to the building (the tests must be at least six hours apart). CCSD will not accept home tests for symptomatic students or staff outside of our process. Students/staff may continue to submit lab confirmed COVID-19 tests to return to school.

Please be advised individuals may present with symptoms for many reasons. It is imperative that families follow recommendations from their physicians with regard to the need for medical treatment. Negative COVID-19 tests do not rule out other serious health conditions.

Test to Stay

NYSDOH supports TTS as a strategy that allows asymptomatic eligible close contacts who are subject to quarantine according to the Updated NYSDOH Isolation and Quarantine guidance for School (K-12) settings (e.g. students, teachers, school staff) to attend school and applicable school-based extracurricular activities and childcare for school age children by testing negative through serial testing using rapid NAAT or antigen tests during a five day period following exposure.  If your child qualifies for Test to Stay and you need assistance receiving a test-kit due to transportation issues, please reach out to your building principal.

Unvaccinated Student-Athletes and Employees

Unvaccinated student-athletes and unvaccinated faculty and staff are required to adhere to a weekly COVID-19 testing protocol.

You must present a negative COVID-19 iHealth rapid result or a lab certified negative result meeting the following conditions:

  • The test is administered Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (before school). 
  • Administration: 
    • Option 1: The CCSD iHealth antigen test is self-administered (please pick up a test kit from your building principal or supervisor every other week.  There are two tests per box.).
    • Option 2: The test is administered by a medical professional or supervised by a medical professional and is either an FDA or NYSDOH approved test and is certified by a lab or medical facility that is NYS Certified.
  • Submit the results to CCSD using this form before 8am on the first day of school in a given week (ex. results must be received by 8am Monday, if school is in session on Monday).