Health Office

Incorporated on our site is information specific to the individual schools, various forms you may need and periodic health updates shared by our school doctors/medical directors.

Our Health Offices are busy places.  There are many reasons why children come to visit us.  These include medical reasons, as well as reasons that are psychological or emotional. The latter may include academic stresses, family related issues (including divorce and family sicknesses), social/peer problems, or even the demise of a beloved family pet.  Good communication, between the Health Office and the home, is critical in making your student's school day as pleasant and educationally productive as possible.

Thank you for keeping us abreast of anything you feel may affect your child at school.  We care for all of our students, and when we work closely together, our goal of making each and every day a successful one can be more adequately achieved.

Health Screenings and Immunizations Needed For The 2023-24 School Year

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Our School Nurses

Elementary Schools

Douglas Grafflin:
Danielle Bonsignore   238-7204 x5104   (fax: 914-817-0147)

Roaring Brook:
Suzanne Rota   238-7205 x6104   (fax: 914-817-0157)

Astrid Jarzembowski   238-7206 x7104   (fax: 914-817-0206)

Middle Schools

Robert E. Bell:
Rebecca Sotherden   238-7202 x3104   (fax: 914-817-0215)

Seven Bridges:
Fiona Fortuna   238-7203 x4104   (fax: 914-817-0177)

High School

Horace Greeley:
Ellen Caruso   238-7201 x2133   (fax: 914-817-0123)

Informational Health Material