Parent University

Opportunities for parents to learn about and discuss the latest topics in literacy instruction and mathematics.


Reading Workshop and text levels (5/23/16)
Parents received an overview of the components of reading workshop and the focus of the units of study in ELA for grades K-8. The characteristics of text levels also were discussed, as well as grade-level expectations and some suggestions for selecting texts for summer reading.

Word Study and Interventions (6/20/16)
Parents learned more about the Chappaqua framework for elementary word study instruction, which includes phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling and vocabulary. Parents also heard about some of the interventions used for students who read texts at levels below the expectation for the grade. There also was a discussion on ways to support readers over the summer.

Reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension is taught through several different components of the District’s comprehensive literacy approach. This session provided a description of the ways reading comprehension is assessed and some of the strategies used to strengthen students’ abilities to understand what they read.

Writing Workshop, Handwriting and Conventions (12/15/16)
This session featured a discussion of the components of Writing Workshop and the focus of the units of study, K-8, as well as a description of how handwriting and conventions (spelling, punctuation, grammar) are taught in the context of this work.

Strategies to support readers and writers across the grades (1/19/17)
Dr. Mary Ehrenworth of Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Columbia University. Dr. Ehrenworth spoke about ways parents can support their children with literacy skills across the grades. She also discussed what makes a difference in students' academic success as they move up the grade levels and the roles parents can play: acting as a writing partner, considering study groups, and knowing the research on factors related to achievement and happiness.


Math In Focus: Singapore Math (12/10/15)
The Chappaqua Central School District has implemented Math In Focus: Singapore Math series in Kindergarten through 5th grade. This series will provide students with mathematical experiences designed to support concept mastery, computational skills, problem-solving skills, and the application of mathematics to daily life.

At a winter Parent U. staff developers modeled a lesson with bar modeling, then split up attendees for grade level specific workshops.


Executive Functioning (11/29/16)
Parents joined school personnel from our elementary, middle and high schools to discuss Executive Functioning: Providing the support that children need to build these skills at home and at school.