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Technology, STEAM & Innovation

The Chappaqua Central School District will create an innovative, agile atmosphere of learning, that leverages advanced instructional technologies to support active learning environments. We will continually improve our secure and private, Education Law 2-D compliant infrastructure and policies to support and advance District instructional visions and goals.

Technical Support

The Chappaqua School District Technology Department Has adopted these three Digital Learning Goals that guide all of the decisions and work related to technology integration in our classrooms.

Digital Learning Goals

  1. Support Chappaqua students to be thoughtful learners and critical thinkers by providing a technology-infused, active learning environment. (...more...)

  2. Prepare Chappaqua students to become collaborative citizens. (...more...)

  3. Create an environment that increases the value and efficiency of learning time. (...more...)

Family Purchase Programs

Elementary Technology Integration

Our students in Kindergarten through fourth grade engage in  a fully integrated 1:1 learning environment with Apple iPads. With these devices, students learn digital literacy skills, how to be a responsible digital citizen, and also how to use multiple tools for self expression and creativity.

Elementary 1:1

Elementary students using ipads

Middle School Technology Integration

Our students in fifth- through eighth-grade engage in  a fully integrated 1:1 learning environment with Microsoft Surface Gos. With these devices, students learn to navigate and utilize Canvas, our learning management system, develop executive functioning skills, collaborate and share work, as well as continue to learn how to be a respectful and responsible digital citizen.

Middle School 1:1

High School Technology Integration

Our students in ninth through twelfth grade participate in a BYOD program.  With the  devices that students bring from home, they  utilize Canvas to collaborate and share work, think deeply, and engage in the critical and high level thinking skills expected of a Greeley student.

High School 1:1

Science ~ Technology ~ Engineering ~ Art ~ Math

STEAM \steem\ n.

  1. STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to active learning based on authentic problem solving using the Design Process of brainstorming, production and reflection.
  2. In STEAM, students work collaboratively, conducting rounds of prototype revision to design functional products. Students reflect on process, assess the final form and function of their products, ask essential questions developed during each project and debate the ethical implications of their work.
  3. STEAM teachers work collaboratively, combining the elements of each STEAM discipline to teach the design process, production skills and the application of academic knowledge.
  4. It is the goal of the STEAM program to help students develop their creativity, teamwork ability,  and design skills, while instilling in them a passion for creation.

The CCSD STEAM program is built upon the following beliefs as our Raison d’etre.

We believe in learning experiences  which are:
We believe in curriculum that fosters the development of:
We believe in anchoring assessment in the design process, with emphasis on:
  • learner led
  • inclusive
  • authentic
  • interdisciplinary
  • inquiry driven
  • collaborative
  • active
  • rooted in rich content
  • constructivist
  • problem based
  • grounded in the CCSD design process
  • design process skills
  • intrinsically motivated, self-directed and independent thinkers
  • intellectual empowerment
  • metacognition
  • flexibility
  • confidence and resilience
  • empathy for people and respect for space
  • innovative ideas
  • communication and collaboration skills
  • creative problem solving
  • alignment to project  goals
  • self reflection
  • feedback
  • application and transfer of knowledge
  • communication of ideas
  • development of new insights and skills
  • clear connection to curriculum
  • accuracy and precision
  • ethical design
  • form and function
Methods & Practices
We believe in a PBL model of instruction that focuses on:
Structures & Systems
We believe in facilitating learning for students and staff by incorporating:
Educational Environment
We believe that spaces should:
  • iterative problem solving
  • student choice and passion
  • relevant and rigorous content and application
  • student or teacher facilitation
  • exploration and play
  • growth mindset and intellectual risk-taking
  • multiple opportunities for communication and presentation
  • open ended tasks with multiple outcomes or processes
  • virtual or physical product construction
  • actionable feedback
  • professional development
  • flexible use of time
  • interdisciplinary teaching and collaboration
  • collaborative decision making
  • Equity
  • community and industry collaboration
  • K-12 collaboration
  • support divergent thinking and processes
  • allow for dynamic scheduling
  • support a variety of cognitive processes
  • support both student and teacher collaboration
  • allow for exhibition and demonstration
  • accessible and safe for all  
  • have dedicated areas for design and application
  • have areas that are  reconfigurable
  • Are empowering

The CCSD STEAM learning team created this three-part design process to guide students through the stages of design.

Design Process



The Chappaqua School Community has always prided itself on our passion for learning.  As research on education, learning, brain development and pedagogy advances, we must continually grow and change.  We believe that innovative educational practices encourage greatness from our faculty and students.  A culture of innovation encourages risk taking, perseverance, inquiry, reflection and growth, which are traits and characteristics of  the life long learners we hope to cultivate within our school community.