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Chappaqua Science students are learners that engage in active thinking processes guided by inquiry and hands-on experiences that can be applied to our modern world. True science learning does not come from memorizing facts. Rather, our developing scientists will be appropriately challenged to explore the phenomenon in the world around them. Our staff and students will work closely together to pave a path that guides our learners in the process of acquiring the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind to become independent and collaborative inquirers, problem solvers, and self-directed learners.





Middle School

High School

  • Earth Science - NYS Regents
  • Living Environment - NYS Regents
  • Chemistry - NYS Regents
  • Physics - NYS Regents
  • AP Courses
  • Science Research Program (a webpage for students, by students)
  • Guiding Research
What to expect in our classrooms

Science Classroom

We expect our students to learn science concepts in the same ways that the science was discovered! The most famous scientists in human history were never handed a text or resource and told to learn why phenomena in the natural world occurred. They observed the world around them, wondered why, and experimented in hopes to explain the inexplicable. In Chappaqua, our hope is that all of our students will engage in this same phenomena-driven inquiry that results in them developing a deep love for Science. 

\While the implementation of the new NYS Science Learning Standards (adapted from the NGSS) is still in its early phases, it encourages Science instruction to be done in a 3-Dimensional manner - where a majority of lessons and activities can touch upon at least one component from each of the three dimensions (DCI’s, CCC’s, and/or SEP’s). See image below:

Next Generation Science Standards